Breakfast with Janet Evans

Janet Janet Evans, 5 time Olympic champion for swimming, came to our Business Networking group to speak to us on how to be a champion.  She mentioned that being a champion isn’t about winning. It’s about how you play the game and the vision you create for yourself to get you there. You set goals to get what you want, we all do. But once we reach the goals what do we do? Do we high five our friends and sit back on our laurels because we reached the goal we set out to reach? Or do we step back and reset that goal? Make it better, more challenging; make you reach higher than you thought you could?  That’s what Janet did when she made the Olympic team, she realized that it wasn’t just about making the   team, but about winning the gold and ultimately being proud of herself no matter how she performed.  A champion, she said, is someone who loves what they do, inspires others, does their best, doesn’t listen to what other say, believes in themselves, doesn’t always have to win and at the end of the day is satisfied with the end result.  Her speech defiantly gave you something to think about.

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