Scott’s 8 Real Estate Predictions for 2018

Check out Scott’s 8 Real Estate Predictions for 2018. Do you agree with Scott’s prediction? Do you have any predictions about the real estate market for 2018 of your own? Share them with us!

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Scott’s Market Update

It’s November and the housing inventory is dropping as quick as…. ???
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A Quick Minute of Motivation

In this new motivational series, Scott will highlight how to become a Peak Performer.

Step FOUR – Part of your daily routine should include following up and following through with people – when you tell someone you are going to do something for them, do it!  Be reliable and accountable; this will lead to your success down the road.  Watch this video to learn more….

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Now go sell something!

A Quick Minute of Motivation…

Peak Performer Insights – Part 1

In this new motivational series, Scott will share some highlights on how to become a Peak Performer.

Step One – Time management and scheduling. Set up a to do list, prioritize them, add them to your calendar, stick to your schedule to accomplish more tasks – no multitasking.

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A Quick Minute of Motivation…

Part 2 – The Dip

Is the current market causing you to experience a dip? Check out this quick minute of motivation from Scott as he tells you what you need to focus on to get out of the dip!

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The 5 P’s of Marketing and Real Estate

At RE/MAX Gateway, we strive to add value to our agents so their businesses flourish and grow. We provide various professional development training classes, mentor programs and we make one-to-one coaching available with our highly experienced, top producing management team. In doing so, we help our agents meet or exceed their goals ever year! 5-ps-traditional-marketing

Here is an example of what we do to help agents with their marketing plans, to give them more focus and get better results.

The ‘marketing mix’ is a foundation concept in marketing that consists of the “5 P’s” – Product, Promotion, Price, Place and People.  This is how we relate these fundamentals to real estate marketing:

  1. Product
    1. In real estate, you are your product. What are you doing to improve?
    2. Your properties are another product. How are you gaining knowledge of available properties and areas?
  2. Promotion
    1. How you market yourself.
    2. How you market your properties.
    3. How you interpret the economy to your clients and the marketplace.
  3. Price
    1. What is the value that you bring to your clients and the marketplace?
    2. The fees to your clients, whether buyers or sellers.
    3. How you properly price your product (houses).
  4. Place
    1. Where you sell and market yourself.
    2. Where your business is primarily located.
  5. People
    1. The company you are affiliated with and what that means.
    2. The clientele you wish to serve.
    3. The person you strive to become.

We help our agents use these tangible and intangible “P’s” by incorporating them into their business plans, helping them become top producing agents with balanced lives. Several of our agents have received numerous awards from RE/MAX including the Hall of Fame Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award by incorporating this marketing and mindset into their businesses.

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