An Enlightening Weekend

As a Realtor, you never know who you will run into to discuss our business.  This weekend was no different for me.  I was invited to attend a political function for an incumbent who is attempting to keep his seat as a delegate for our area.  Of course, Chuck Caputo is the right candidate and the right person for the job and, for our area, we need him to be re-elected.  His views on education, business and transportation for our area far exceed his competitor’s opinions on how to continue to run our region and for us to stay the number one state to do business in 4 years in a row. 

But I digress, at this function I had the opportunity to meet Mark Warner and we discussed our local real estate market.  Our conversation included inventory levels, supply and demand challenges, trends in housing prices, profiles of our purchasers, as well as HVCC and the First Time Buyer $8,000 Tax Credit.  Over the last several years, we have discussed the need to know your numbers, and know the trends in our business and to have them ready to discuss at any time.  As a result of staying abreast in these areas, I was able to accurately convey why we need to address the HVCC issue but more importantly, the need to extend the First Time Buyer Tax Credit.  In our discussion, he told me he was going to vote to extend the credit!  It is a wise decision to keep the housing sector of our economy moving forward and to help continue to bring our country out of the recession.  When it comes to making the right decisions about our economy, we need to knock down political affiliations and work together for the common good.  Get it?  Got it?  Good.

Now, go sell something!

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