• President has signed the Tax Credit.  It passed by a vote of 403
    to 12 in Congress and by a vote of 98 to 0 in the Senate.  Woohoo, it’s already done!  All the politicians in attendance broke
    bones over this – they broke their arms patting themselves so hard on
    their back voting to get this through when it was a no brainer to begin
    with in my opinion.
  • $6500 credit to people who have
    lived in their house 5 of the last 8 years.  $225k combined income on properties up to
  • These measures will spur growth
    but credit needs to be easier to obtain to boost rest of the economy
  • Commercial Real Estate and
    retail is a concern – Federal government is only real lessee in town
  • Raising funds for Metro Rail is
    and will be a challenge
  • Must be CRS to appraise
    properties over $1,000,000 – I hadn’t heard this before
  • Questions to ask appraisers
    • Do you have contact
    • Do you have comps
    • Do you know the neighborhood
    • Where are you located
    • How long have you been
  • One agent has not had a local
    appraiser in listing for 6 months – take on at State level
  • HVCC sunsets in June 2011 – I had
    not heard this before
  • Must deal w/ deficit issues
    head on and match our deeds to words to stay ahead of China
  • Leading Nations in the
    corresponding centuries
    • 16th – Spain
    • 17th – France
    • 18th – Britain
    • 19th – Britain
    • 20th – United
    • 21st – ???  (Let’s hope it’s not China!!!)
  • Local economy grew 3% Q3
    unemployment is less than 5% in our area
  • Stimulus $$ will benefit Tech
    and R&D industries in our area
  • Knowledge based economy has
    helped our area – no smoke stacks,  plants or factories
  • Heath care is a tremendous
    concern if you’re lucky enough to live long enough we will all have a pre-existing
    condition – things need to change
  • Analyzing how the politicians
    throw around Billions, ½ trillions and trillions like it’s not real money
  • Loan limit rate increase was
    extended through end of 2010 so it will remain at $729,750

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