So many statements reflect what we should be doing as agents in working with today’s market – raising the bar, setting new standards, and rising to the occasion are just a few that come to mind.  In order to differentiate yourself, you need to search out a niche, build and fortify your relationships within this niche and develop a business plan that support your plan of action to carry you on to a successful career in our business.  Take the time to reflect on where you and your clients are today.  Realize that there are opportunities to provide different services to others by looking where people need help so you can become a valuable resource to others that provides solution based advice and helps others achieve their housing wants and needs.

In this troubled, financial time in our industry, you must recognize that there are opportunities that arise that can help you achieve a solid business for years to come.  These areas include builders, foreclosure business, short sale business, and providing advice on loan modifications, principal reductions, and deed in lieu of foreclosures to help others deal with the issues they face today.  By having a well orchestrated plan, by gaining all of the knowledge you can in your niche area, by providing excellent advice through your education in your niche area, and then by delivering superior customer service – you will find yourself amongst the elite in our industry and will have built a solid business base and a strong referral base that will help you survive in any market.  In order to achieve this level of success, you need to stop procrastinating, set priorities to help you achieve your objectives, get thoroughly educated to become the expert and cross train yourself within your business niche to know all aspects of your selected area of expertise to propel you in your career for years to come. 

The key ingredients are locating the opportunities in our market and taking advantage of what is available to you to help others which will carry you to success in real estate.  If you want to meander through these times and either just get by or barely survive – this may not be the business for you.  Step aside to let others who take this business seriously and see that these times require more educated, ethical, and professional agents take care of potential clients.  Our business deserves to have a reputation built upon agents who know what they are doing because they know what they are doing and not assume they know what they are doing.  In this market, you need to be positive, proactive and responsive not negative, passive and reactive – now is the time to set new standards for our business and yours.  Get it?  Got it?  Good.

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