Impact is a powerful word.  One of the definitions includes:  to have an immediate and strong effect on something or somebody.  Think about the phrases:  something impacts the way you feel or think, to impact someone’s life, or if you have an impact on the business – all of these phrases are powerful and are a critical element to success in life and business.    As an interesting experiment, let’s examine each letter of the word and how it can influence your thought process and your practices moving forward.

I – innovation is the ability to think creatively or think outside the box.  By creating new or different ways of accomplishing something or by coming up with interesting ideas or ways to accomplish tasks will have an impact on your life and business – I assure you.

M – motivation and inspiration are a key element to influencing others to do more than they ever thought possible – very impactful.  Make this a daily habit!

P – positivity – in your attitude towards others, situations, and your outlook on life will help carry others and yourself above and beyond most expectations they or you may have.  Being positive isn’t the only thing but it gets you further, faster.  Now, that has an impact doesn’t it?

A – active – you must be out in front people.  You must attend trainings to get educated.  Be active by attending seminars, networking events just get busy…you gotta do something; you can’t wait for it to come to you and it won’t happen by isolating yourself behind your desk or by staying at home.  Action and activity beget action and activity.  Get active and participate and you will see the impact it will have on you and your life.

C – communication – express your opinions, set expectations, follow up and follow through.  The ability to convey your thoughts in a clear, concise manner will impact the way others view you and how you conduct yourself in life and business.  Communication also entails listening – remember to incorporate this skill into your communication component!  It will have impact…

T – trusted – through your actions and beliefs and by putting other people’s interests ahead of yours will gain you trust and respect and will aid you in your success.  A servant mentality will help grow trust in you from others and your business will grow as a result.  Your education will help give the right advice which will assist in others building their trust in you.  Be selfless and giving and you will impact others and all areas of your life will prosper.

If you think about having a positive impact on others in your encounters with them in any situation, you will enhance your life and theirs and will raise the bar in your relationships which will bear you outstanding results!  Get it?  Got it?  Good!

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