As we go through our daily routines, there are people who appear in our life that give us advice and we rely on them to help us answer questions, guide us through a particular process or get us through tough times we encounter.  It may also be that you are one – you help others grow, help them become better in business or life and you derive satisfaction from the process known as mentoring.  If we analyze the process of mentoring – it may help you find one or help you become a better one.  In order to take it to the next level more effectively and efficiently, we need to rely on someone who can provide you with the right advice to get you there.  Let’s put the pieces of the puzzle together…

M – Motivation and encouragement are two of the cornerstones of mentorship.  By conveying a positive message about the mentee’s approach to their endeavor builds confidence in them which carries them through in all that they encounter.  Helping others understand and see opportunities in every situation in an encouraging, optimistic and positive way can help others grow.

E – Education through sharing experiences, asking the right questions and helping others realize the importance of continuous learning helps to build the knowledge one needs to be successful.  Also, provide the tools, ”tricks of the trade”, and the model in which to follow provide the guidance necessary to become a success.

N – Nurturing is another step in the mentoring process.  Not every encounter is successful.  By nurturing people through the tough times they face, and by providing constructive feedback enables them to grow and become better in the end.  Everyone faces adversity, it is how it is handled determines if one becomes successful.  A good mentor who provides a nurturing environment can go a long way to helping someone overcome adversity and move ahead.

T – Training is crucial to mentoring.  Being supportive and helping with rehearsing presentations, dialogues, as well as accompanying the mentee on appointments are a big part of the mentoring process that sometimes gets overlooked.  It is imperative to take the time to show, facilitate and educate as it will carry a lot of weight in determining how successful someone will become.  Having a program in place to train will help people accomplish more, faster.

O – Organize and help your mentee develop systems, processes and most importantly, their schedule.   In an effort to improve efficiencies in daily activities – these areas are extremely critical.  Investigate what is in place, analyze and help to revamp or reorganize to improve and promote greatness.

R – Reward with public praise, encouragement, and with continuous support.  It is essential to show appreciation for their efforts and to persuade them to pursue their goals and dreams.

By seeking advice, counsel and support from a trusted colleague, friend or business associate can help elevate you to levels of success you are looking for in life and business.  When seeking a mentor, be selective, be proactive, and be communicative as well as be receptive to feedback.  You will achieve many of the goals you set for yourself.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!

Now, go sell something!


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