Recently the key word in real estate has been stress.  Stress because of the other agent’s lack of professionalism, stress of short sales and the process, stress because of appraisers, stress over underwriters, stress because of unrealistic buyers and stubborn sellers –it is mind boggling.  Experienced agents and managers who have been in the business over 15 years haven’t seen or been through anything like it in their careers.  It has brought some to the point of taking a hiatus, others are thinking about changing careers, and others are looking for ways to beat it.  The bigger question is when will it change and how.

No one has a crystal ball so we can’t answer when others will change but you can change yourself.  As we know, it is how you respond versus react to a situation that determines your outlook on the business.  If everything is construed as a problem, a hassle, or an inconvenience – it will be.  If you look at each situation as an opportunity to help others solve a problem, help them make the right decisions, or give them an opportunity to learn about the business, the contract or the process, your stress level will go down as you see yourself as a solution oriented –not as every situation is a problem.

Next, consider taking a vacation from the business.  In the movie What about Bob, Dr Leo Marvin (Richard Dreyfus) told Bob Wiley (Bill Murray) to take a vacation from his problems.  So, if your business is your problem, enjoy a mental health day or two or even more if you can with no phones, emails or ties to the business.  You should come back refreshed and ready to tackle your daily real estate challenges.

Also, try listening to motivational tapes or watch inspirational videos.  We have all seen them before but revisiting them can only help – not hurt!  As Zig Ziglar says, “Motivation speeches don’t last and either does a bath so take one every day”.  Again, have an open mind and just try it!

Reach out to your peers and ask their advice about how they handle their stress levels when they reach their tipping point.  What are their sources for relieving stress?  Sometimes just talking about it helps relieve it.

Many others exercise, garden or read to release their stress levels and some even write about it.  Start a journal to let it out on paper.  Blog about it and how you relieve your stress to help others – it can help – I assure you.  The thing to recognize is what works best for you and do it!

Get it?  Got it?  Good!  Now, go sell something!


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