Work on your Business

Vijay At the AT&T National golf tournament yesterday, we watched Vijay Singh hit balls at the driving range.  He had obviously been there prior to our arrival as he had already worked up a sweat.  We watched him hit balls with precision for close to a half an hour and he was still on the range when we went in to watch others play in the tournament.  He was doing all of this prior to his 18 hole round in the tournament.  Then, as we were leaving, he was back at the range hitting balls.  As many of you know, Vijay is at the top of his profession. 

So, you ask, what does this mean?  In my opinion, if you want to be at the top of your game like Vijay is at the top of the golf game, you need to be work on your business as much as if not more as you do in your business.  To stay on top of the real estate game – learn all you can about the business as often as you can.  Start a mastermind group and discuss trends in the market, read blogs and subscribe through RSS feeds of writers you like, speak with industry leaders – not just locally but nationally as well and ask what they are experiencing in the market, read books on real estate, attend conventions, seminars, and trainings.  The more you know, the more you can communicate your value to others, the more referrals you will get and the more your business will grow.

In addition, have a business plan with a course of action to help you attain your goals.  Start with short term goals, set mid range goals then lastly have strategic long term goals.  Everyone at the top of their game has goals – on paper.  Learn and mimic top professionals in other industries to grow your business.  Get a mentor, coach or entrust a successful person to share your ideas with, to hold you accountable and to provide you with the right feedback to help you succeed.

It is easy to get caught up in your business – showing houses, breaking your schedule to meet with a new client, putting out “fires” that pop up, not delegating enough lower revenue generating tasks, etc.  instead of working on your business.  Working on your business takes time, diligence and discipline but it is critical to your success.  Differentiate yourself from others in the industry and start working on your business today.

Get it?  Got it?  Good!  Now, go sell something!

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