Care A question posed to me recently is, “Do you care more about
your people’s success than they care about their own success”?   After some deliberation, my answer was yes –
at times I believe that we need to provide more to our agents to help them get
over the hump or get them on their way to a successful career in real estate
and that they should seek more counsel from us to become more successful.  In understanding that everyone defines
success differently, it is still imperative to understand what success means to
each of our agents.

So, what was learned from this exercise?  I need to ease up – let the agents take
advantage of what we have to offer – stay current, but don’t add more to our
plate or theirs by offering more programs – and encourage them to apply what
they have been taught to their business to facilitate their success as well as
take advantage of what programs we currently have in place.  Will we still care?  Yes, of course, and here is how we plan on
accomplishing our goal – the acronym CARE:

C – Commitment-
we are committed to ensuring our agents are the most educated, professional,
top producing agents in our marketplace by providing them with training
opportunities, real estate exchanges, mastermind groups, blogs, and up to date
information for them to share with the clients, sphere of influence and those
they encounter on a daily basis.

A – Attitude – We
will be a positive, upbeat and energetic force in their environment that will
provide constructive feedback to enhance their business.

R – Responsibility
– We will encourage our agents to be responsible for their careers by providing
an encouraging environment, the right tools for success, a supportive staff
eager to assist our agents, and the time to assist them with their efforts.  We will also be responsible to them to by
providing constructive feedback and by helping them in their endeavors to be
successful in real estate.

E – Education –
We will continue to keep our agents educated through our current training
schedule, one on ones, quarterly meetings and our business specific summits so
they can help buyers and sellers make the right decisions when buying and
selling properties, grow their teams and build their business so they can
achieve the success they want out of their business.

We will always care and we will continue to inspire our
agents to greatness and will only seek to control what we can control and not
care more than they do about their success. 
You control your destiny, take advantage of what is available to you,
learn, earn, grow and succeed.  We are
here for you.  Get it?  Got it? 
Good!  Now, go sell something!

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