Topic of the Day: Mold


This week we had Roland Jarrett in from Nexters Restoration in to speak about the process of testing and remediating mold from residential properties.

To have Nexters Restoration analyze and determine if something is potentially mold, there is no charge.  Estimates to remediate mold are also free.  However, if a swab test is required, there is a $150 lab fee.  If levels are rare – no treatment is required.  Low levels in basement require remediation but not always on upper levels.  Medium and higher levels always require remediation no matter where these levels are recorded.

If mold is present, the first objective is to remove the source of moisture as that is what attracts mold and encourages its’ growth.  If the source of the moisture isn’t removed – the mold will come back.

The typical process is to remove drywall, insulation, wipe down walls to sterilize them – in some cases blasting is required, apply kilz or drylock paint to walls and replace everything that was removed.  Using dehumidifiers to reduce relative humidity levels below 40% is also recommended.

Unconventional approaches include replacing sump pumps, water proofing walls from the exterior, and adding French drain systems.

Depending upon the type and quantity of mold, air duct cleaning, and complete cleaning of HVAC is required to mitigate mold levels.

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