RE/MAX International Regional Quarterly conference call

          RE/MAX has formed a strategic alliance with Integrated Asset Management and will distribute leads to RE/MAX agents who are CDPE certified only.  IAM is affiliated with many big banks nationally.  If you are not yet certified, please get certified to enhance your business.  If you have taken the course, please update your profile on RE/MAX Maintenance.

          Keller Williams and RE/MAX difference – we are your business partner and don’t force you to recruit.  KW market center needs about 40 agents to reach profitability and are required to increase agent count by 10 agents per month – have to do this through recruiting any type of agent.  It takes an average of 5 years for an office to reach profitability and then you have to vest for 3 years before you get profit sharing – an average of 8 years prior to receiving profit sharing.  Profit sharing went from an average of $692 per year to $412 per year – a decrease of 40%.  No national advertising budget versus RE/MAX is extensive TV, billboard, newspaper and magazine advertising.  Top agents are encouraged to be involved the office politics through their agent advisory council are required to teach and as previously mentioned, are required to recruit.  We encourage you to do more business and grow your business


Now, go sell something!



One thought on “RE/MAX International Regional Quarterly conference call

  1. Rock on ! Let’s sell some properties instead of worrying about recruiting. The profit sharing seems to be a lot of work for the KW agents without too much reward minus a few folks at the top.
    I love the fact that RE/MAX has a national advertising campaign and local billboards in Philadelphia that helps grow the brand.

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