Your Reptuation

Wooden The great leader and coach John Wooden once said, “Your reputation takes years to develop and only a minute to destroy”.  Do the right thing every time and your reputation will lead you in a positive direction and it will also leave an indelible impression upon others which will carry you to success in all areas of you life.  There are many factors that go into building a quality reputation – here are just a few – integrity, character, hard work, follow through, and results.  It is imperative to not be known as unethical, unprofessional, unresponsive or that you walk the integrity line – if you do, you will only have temporary success if any at all.

In my opinion, it starts with integrity which includes your word.  Do what you say you are going to do.  If you tell someone that you or your client is going to do something – stay with it –make your clients perform to what they committed to verbally.  Telling people one thing yet doing another is the fastest way to ruin your reputation.  You lose trust in those you speak with and in the end get no respect and your actions are indefensible.  Your word is your bond – don’t stray from this premise.  If people take you at your word and you follow through you will be known as dependable, reliable and a person of honor – all quality characteristics.  Having a reputation as being a storyteller, liar, undependable, untrustworthy are all problematic qualities and won’t get you far in any endeavor for any length of time. 

Character is described as doing the right thing when no one is looking.  Your character is developed over time and is a result of your actions and follow through on tasks you undertake.  You want to be a person of character and not a character – again do what you say you are going to do and your reputation will grow as will your bottom line.

The reputation of being a hard worker who is effective will get you more responsibility, more business, and more referrals.  Winston Churchill said, “If you want something done, give it to a busy man”.  Getting in early and staying late – doing just a little more than the next person will reap big rewards.  Water boils at 212 degrees at 211 degrees it is just very hot water – one degree makes all the difference.  The horse who wins the race by a nose wins hundreds of thousands of dollars more than the horse that loses by a nose.  Keep in mind; it is the little extra effort that pays off.  Be known as an effective, efficient, and hard worker.

Follow up and follow through are cornerstones of a solid reputation.  If you say you are going to email, call, send additional information, show up, and be on time – do it.  If people need to follow up with you, success will be difficult for you to attain.  If you are always late, don’t return calls, don’t answer your phone you will get the reputation as being unreliable – don’t fall into this category.  It is a reputation killer!

All of this being said – you need to get results.  You need to get people what they want through honesty, integrity and effectiveness.  Tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.  Do what you say you are going to do.  Know the process to help you get results and guide people through the process.  If you don’t get results, you won’t build a solid reputation – you will only be known as a talker and not a doer.

Be known as reliable, dependable, results oriented, helper, leader, teacher, mentor and success will be yours.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!

Now, go sell something!

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