Broken Records

At times I feel like a broken record – our market is different, we aren’t impacted like the rest of the country, we are seeing houses sell, etc.  Well, it looks like other areas are beginning to experience what we are experiencing here in Northern Virginia.  In a recent article on MSNBC it has been reported that existing home sales are up 3 months in a row – check it out here: – thanks for sharing Kendall Bennett.  I am not sure if they are experience the number of multiple contract situations we are facing in the lower and upper price ranges like we are, but we will find out.  However, I am sure they are having challenges with HVCC as it is a nationwide problem and they will experience the same problems we will have with H.E.R.A. as well – thanks Mindy Littleton.  Please be sure to review the H.E.R.A. rules to give our clients the right advice with timing on closings with the new rules being implemented July 30. 


In addition to the great news on existing home sales, new home starts were revised and reported to be up 3.6% in June over May 2009 numbers to an annualized rate of 562,000 – check it out even though it is a negative in regards to numbers “anticipated” last year: It is our hopes – even though hope isn’t a strategy – that with more good news like this, the media will start to report “our story” of success! 


The advice for the day is to continue staying positive, find the good in each situation and keep the ball moving down field and you will get the results you are looking to achieve.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!


Now, go sell something!

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