What do Clients want?


In today’s environment, clients are looking for information, communication, service, and results.  It is our job to ask the right questions to determine their expectations so you can meet or exceed them.  Let’s examine each area to help you improve in these areas.

In today’s day and age, the consumer has become more educated on just about every subject that is important to them.  It is information overload if you let it become that way.  If you go to a bookstore you will see virtually every subject covered from knitting to financing to buying or selling houses to how to raise kids and it starts with “insert subject here” for dummies to expert advice from “insert authors name here”.  Additionally, the internet has given more access to more information on nearly every subject as well.  It is your job to help disseminate this information for your clients and provide them with accurate, up-to-date information on our market, financing options, pricing trends, appraisals, and what differentiates our market and their neighborhood from what they are reading about which is typically more National or global in nature .  This information must be factual, logical and understandable so you can have a positive impact on their decision to buy or sell.  Stay current by keeping yourself educated!  Think like a consumer – become an information junkie.  Learn all you can about our business – starting with the contract and what each part means, reading blogs, attending seminars and trainings as well as reading trade publications, and by being active in your Realtor associations.

It is also imperative to know how your clients want to be communicated with on a regular basis.  Technology that is available today allows us more options to communicate with others.  Simple ways are the phone – but which one?   The cell phone, home phone, or work phone.  By email – work or home?  Texting – again, which device?  Face to face meetings are an all time favorite but very time consuming.  Faxing messages, scanning and emailing may work with many clients as well.  The point is, find out how and how often and do it.

Service – say what you are going to do and then do it.  Call, email, text, get feedback, find out the answer, deliver brochures, put up signs, be on time, schedule inspections, whatever it is – just do it!  Provide them service as if they are the only client you have and you will reap the rewards!

Results are the ultimate goal for your client.  Get them their house, sell their house, rent them a house or lease it out.  Quick, efficient, and professional service is what clients demand and should receive.  One of the fastest ways to the top is to determine what your client wants and needs then deliver it.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!

Now, go sell something!

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