Tips for Time Management

I was recently interviewed for the NVAR
Update magazine
about time management tips here is what was said!

First you must have goals – daily, weekly, monthly and
yearly.  We have an exercise where you
take a chart, put 5 year goals, 3 year goals, 1 year goals, 270 day, 180 day,
90 day, 60 day and 30 day goals and work backwards  to determine what steps  you need to take to accomplish them within
the timeframe set for yourself. 

Schedule these activities on your calendar and prioritize
them so you work effectively throughout the day.  Also, make sure you schedule family time; fun
time and friend time into your calendar to give you balance in your life.   Treat these activities as appointments like
any other appointment.

When you are at work – work – don’t waste time socializing
or hang around with others that do.  Be
focused on your activities to ensure they get accomplished.

Create task lists to keep you on track for accomplishing
your goals.

On your schedule, have a complete understanding of the
timing of events – if you don’t know ask someone.  You should know how long it takes to get
places, how long your listing appointments should last, home inspections, etc.

Develop a routine in your schedule.  Set your schedule to do certain tasks at the
same time every day.  As an example:   prospect first thing in the morning, return
emails and phone calls next, visit properties, conduct showings and listing
appointments in the afternoons, etc. 
Make your schedule a habit and you will see results.

Close your door at the office to minimize distractions.

As a general rule, delegate. 
Stay focused on what you do best and delegate the rest of the activities
that are not revenue generating activities.

Have an agenda for meetings to keep on track and not waste
time by getting off topic.

Utilize tools such as phonetag and blackberries to handle
phone calls and emails.

It is more important today than ever before to get organized
to get ahead in the business.  Get
it?  Got it?  Good!

Now, go sell something!

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