The Power of 5

When it comes to social media, remember the power of 5…

1. Become a member of 5 social networks. Don’t worry about being a member of them all! Concentrate on the basics, twitter, facebook, linkedin, youtube, and a blog. Keep it simple, link them together for more efficiency and be active on them.

2.  Post 5 times per day on any of your social media sites.  Valuable content can be found in newspapers, friend’s posts, blog feeds, etc. Find something to post just 5 times a day. Use a program like hootsuite to schedule your posts. 10 mins in the morning and you’re done with your posts throughout the day.

3. Read 5 articles or blogs a day. Getting into the habit of reading will give you the knowledge you need to speak with others about the market, post on sites about it and might even inspire a blog post. You know you can post articles that you read on your blog…write a brief comment about it and link it back to the article’s source…it can be that easy.

4. Upload 5 videos per week. These videos can be ones that you take personally or videos that you “favorite” on youtube. Subscribe to video channels, simply click on the favorite button if you like a video and it will appear on your channel. Share it with Facebook and you’re done! Videos should be quick and informative, so interview your sellers, your buyers, your fellow agents, etc. Get creative and post it!

5. Post 5 blogs a month. Blogging can be intimidating where you think it takes a long time to put it together.  It doesn’t have to be a long article. It could be a quick 2 paragraph post discussing something you heard today.  Don’t stress yourself by feeling that you have to write a very meaningful and motivational piece. Simply write in your own voice…your readers will appreciate that.  They want to hear from you and are interested in what you have to say. So let them hear it!

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