NOVA Real Estate 2012 -All that Glitter & Shines

Happy Holidays from Scott MacDonald & REMAX Gateway

Happy Holidays!

What a year it has been in real estate. Sales were better than expected, mortgage rates went lower than expected and inventory levels have dropped substantially. As a result, most of the year I felt like a broken record stating how low inventory levels were in our area, how low interest rates were and what a great time it was to be a seller as a result of these elements. Also, I often commented on how prices had stabilized and were even increasing which made it an optimal time to buy coupled with the low interest rates. This month will be no different except that inventory is even lower and rates have come down even more. Crazy but true.

The question is – what will happen next. I am about to unveil my Top Ten Predictions for 2013 so you will have to wait and find out. It is an annual video and blog that I have been doing over the last several years. As is the case with most prognosticators, I am right sometimes and way off on others, I get razzed and complimented. We start with the year in review and how I did with my predictions then go into the next year. I am looking forward to your reviews and comments.
In the meantime, be safe, relax, spend time with the family and enjoy your holidays. If you ever need anything or have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. (703)652-5777
All the best –

Scott MacDonald

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