Breakfast with Dave Liniger and Krisi Graning

The purpose
of the breakfast was to encourage open dialogue on our region to take back to
policy leaders. Looking to get pulse on market to show congressman and
governors what is happening in the trenches. 
According to Dave, NAR has lost credibility with the government. 



One agent
has 11 properties under contract and all have appraisal issues.


levels are low. Foreclosure process has been slowed by Obama’s policies on
occupancy rules and how people who are living in properties are treated.  If a tenant can produce a lease, they can
stay in the property until the lease term ends. 
Issues are – who gets the rent and how can the lease they produce be
validated – this is a bad policy people!


The media
still creates problems by sending mixed messages to viewers which continues to
wan consumer confidence on all levels.


don’t understand market and understand reality of our pricing and trends.  It appears that too many are under qualified,
unprofessional and unfamiliar with areas they are appraising.


$400,000.00 market is strong – upwards of 18 contracts on houses.


HVCC has
lead to incompetent people appraising our property resulting in low appraisals


All real
estate is local agents and appraisers need to be local.


quality is low with REO’s across the board agent professionalism and ethics is
not up to par with what the consumer demands.


Take new HUD
1 to your asset managers for a training session to build better relationships
and get more assets to sell.


No FHA or VA
contracts has hurt many first time home buyers trying to take advantage on
$8,000.00 tax credit.


Extension of
unemployment benefits was to be voted on last night the first time tax credit
may be attached to that bill – stay tuned. 
Tax credit extension would be the tiered down version.


Get up to
speed with the market, understand its challenges and become a success – Get
it?  Got it?  Good!


Now, go sell

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