Demand Success Today

As you know, RE/MAX officials were in town yesterday. 
Here is what was shared!  Click on the link for the presentation.

Success Today


The Economy –

Right now our recovery is considered to be a jobless
recovery because we continue to lose jobs yet; the economy is pulling out of
the recession without creating jobs. The nation’s jobless rate won’t be back to
4.5 % until 2014.


Most companies have cut back and will not rehire people they
let go.  The car business most definitely won’t hire their people back –
everything is cheaper in China and a lot of production is being exported there.


Housing will have a hard time helping economy get out of
recession because new home sales have plummeted so far down.


America is responsible for 27 % of the world’s GNP China is
7% within 30 years China will lead world in production.


Foreclosures –

Build your resume, contact the right people and give right
presentation to get REO business


There are 3.5 million foreclosure filings per year expected
in 2009 and 2010


25 % of homeowners with a mortgage are underwater


A huge number of commercial loan maturities are coming due
in 2011 and 2012 which will put pressure on this sector.


Savings rate is 7 % today as a result of people’s fear over
job loss, their property values being down, and they can’t use their house as a
piggy bank anymore plus their 401K’s are down so consumers have become less
likely to spend.


You can’t use yesterday’s business methods to make money in
today’s market and expect to be in business tomorrow.


Number of Realtors –

800,000 in 2000

1,400,000 in 2006

1,100,000 in 2009

Need 900,000 for more agents to be successful


LIFO last in first out is a great rule for real estate when
referring to Realtors


9.7 million Distressed properties right now,  4.7
million will sell over the next few years – many will renegotiate to stay in
their properties.


RE/MAX has 6 % of agent total and handles 26 to 28 % of REO


Systemized and standardized process for short sales is
expected to be announced within 2 business days.  This is coming from the
government and discussions with Liniger.


NAR has a new designation to handle short sales – SFR. 
RE/MAX agents can get discount on Mainstreet – contact me for details


Rebuild USA 203k specialists


There is a new foreclosure tab on  Don’t
forget to register as well as update your profiles email address, education,
designation, specialties to get leads.  You must have a designation to
receive leads for short sales and foreclosures – don’t delay, do it today!


Know your market and its dynamics –


Our market is predominantly 1st time buyers and
investors  – get into these business arenas.


Generations –

Baby boomers 3 more moves downsizing selling buying selling
smaller house moving in with their kids or family members


Generation X –

50 % not married yet and most have no kids.  They are
just now beginning to buy houses skeptical but loyal


Millennials –

Very different on line, no high pressure, knowledgeable,
instant everything



When dealing with online leads, have the shot gun approach –
send out response to 5 agents and the first to respond gets the lead.


80 % of Americans have nothing to retire on assisted living
or nursing homes or moving in with family


Social media will take you to the next level take pictures
of clients after settlement do portraits get busy getting involved with it
today – don’t delay it is not going away.


The crowd was enthused – you should be too!  Get
it?  Got it?  Good!




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