New Agent/Refresher Series Update

Our New Agent/Refresher Series was another big hit
Tuesday.  Josh Burruss from Potomac
Mortgage Group
reviewed the second half of qualifying buyers to a packed
conference room – again!  Yes, I said part 2 of qualifying because so many
great questions were asked in the first session that we had to add a
second.  It is amazing how our training started off as new agent training
and how many experienced agents have participated in these trainings.  It
is a testament to them wanting to refresh themselves, find out what is new on
the horizon and pick up on a new technique or two in the process.  Josh
had printed his presentation recently and, of course, some things had changed
since.  It goes to show you how our industry changes so rapidly and how
important it is for us to stay on top of these changes so client’s we serve get
the right advice when buying or selling real estate.


Our New Agent/Refresher series features agents that excel in
various segments of our business.  Upcoming events in November
include:  Paul Hunter and
prospecting by referral; Art
and the sales agreement which can be credited to post licensing or
continuing education.  To learn more about our training programs check
out this link or check out our calendar for upcoming events.  As we always
preach – you gotta learn more to earn more.  Get it?  Got it? 


Now, go sell something!

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