How to Expedite the Loan Modification Process

As a Member of the Top 5 in Real Estate Network®, I am frequently asked these
days for my advice on loan modification…specifically, how quickly new loan
terms can be arranged. Waiting to find out if your application for loan
modification has been accepted can be a nerve-wracking and frustrating
experience—especially if you’re still receiving late payment notices and
creditor calls. Here are some important insights into the loan modification
process from consumer advocate and author Ralph R. Roberts.

1. The loan modification
typically takes 30 to 90 days, depending mostly on your
lender. The loan modification timeline, however, is not set in stone. The more
complex your situation, the longer the process takes. Borrowers with a lot of
collateral issues can see their loans take longer than what has become the
typical 30- to 90-day timeframe.

2. A professional can
often reduce
the amount of time required by processing your
paperwork efficiently, presenting your application exactly the way the lender
wants it, and knowing from past experience what the lender is able and
typically willing to agree to. Find out how long the process is likely to take
and mark the dates on your calendar.

3. Refer all matters to
the professional
who is representing your loan modification.
Anything you say to the lender could confuse things or compromise your
representative’s ability to negotiate the best deal on your behalf.

4. Log all phone calls and
correspondence between you and your lender or representative. Keep track of
important dates. Consistent follow up is paramount to a successful

5. Explore other
If the lender denies your request for a loan
modification or presents an offer that you cannot accept, you will need a plan
B. Consult a real estate agent about listing your home for sale. Talk to a
mortgage broker or loan officer about refinancing. Speak with a bankruptcy
attorney to find out whether filing bankruptcy would be a better choice.

6. You might continue to
delinquency notices or late payment phone calls. Push
to have all default and foreclosure actions put on hold while your workout
attempts are underway.

The loan modification process can be long and trying, but doing your part to
keep the process on track by remaining informed can increase your chances of a
positive outcome and reduce stress. For more advice on loan modification,
please e-mail me—I can point you in the right
direction. Please also forward this important information to your social
network; it just might help someone you know.

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