Determine Your Good to Great Moment!

Our Accelerent meeting
featured another outstanding speaker
Don Yaeger
– the former editor of Sports
.  In over
hundreds of
interviews and encounters with athletes over the 
years he developed his 16
Consistent Characteristics of



Qualities that those who
demonstrate greatness possess

  • Hate losing more then love winning
  • No excuses. 
    Excuses keep you from going from good to great.  Basically make it happen.  Determine
    what is your good to great moment!


Three themes of Greatness

  1. Greatness is a process – no one is born
    great.  You must work at it
    consistently and persistently.
  2. Not one single characteristic requires
    physical skills; you must be mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  3. Great ones understand they are not perfect – they
    must continually work to get it done.


thoughts that were shared

  • Get help if you need it – never too big never
    too small.
  • Something will happen that will affect your
    life – it is destine to happen – will you be better or bitter?  Use adversity as the fuel to motivate
    yourself – this is your inner fire! 
  • Value education


If you can’t change the people
around you, change the people you are around – seek to get better!


Determine what you will
get out of every situation you are in – yearn to learn! 


So here are the 16 Consistent Characteristics of Greatness


How They Think

  1. It’s Personal – They hate to lose more then
    they love to win.
  2. Rubbing Elbows – They understand the value of
  3. Believe – They have faith in a higher power.
  4. Contagious Enthusiasm – They are positive
    thinkers…They are enthusiastic…and that enthusiasm rubs off. 


How They Prepare

  1. Hope for the Best, But…They prepare for all
    possibilities before they step on the field.
  2. What Off-Season?  They are always working towards the next
    game…The goal is what’s ahead, and there’s always something ahead.
  3. Visualize Victory – They see victory before the
    game begins
  4. Inner Fire – They use adversity as fuel


How They Work

  1. Ice in Their Veins – They are risk-takers and
    don’t fear making a mistake.
  2. When All Else Fails – They know how and when to adjust their game plan.
  3. Ultimate Teammate – They will assume whatever
    role is necessary for the team to win.
  4. Not Just About the Benjamins – They don’t play
    just for the money.


How They Live

  1. Do Unto Others – They know character is
    defined by how they treat those who cannot help them.
  2. When no one is watching – They are comfortable
    in the mirror…They live their life with integrity.
  3. When Everyone is Watching – They embrace the
    idea of being a role model.
  4. Records are Made to be Broken – They know
    their legacy isn’t what they did on the field.  They are well-rounded. 

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