Is the sky falling?

Which way is up? 
There is more confusing news about the real estate market today in the
media, on social networking sites and in reports than ever before.  As many of you know, I am active in social
media and am a member of many groups on Linkedin and read postings by others on
Facebook and Twitter among other sites and no one seems to agree about the
market.  There are questions about when
and if foreclosures are going to hit the market – some say it will be a tsunami
and others not.  Some say that in regards
to prices we are going to have a double dip yet the major indexes say prices in
almost all the major markets have increased month over month and year over year
since May.  News on interest rates is
that rates are going to rise yet they continue to go down and they are at all
time lows.  It is no wonder that
consumers are confused about what to do as many Realtors have such differing
opinions on which way the market is heading.

 As a real estate
practitioner in Northern Virginia involved in the resale market with our team,
the Results Realty Group, new home sales with our Assured Sales & Assured
Lease programs, property management, mastermind groups that discuss
foreclosures and short sales, and lastly, one on ones with our highly
productive Realtors, we believe we have a robust real estate market in our
area.  Houses are selling when they are
in excellent condition, they are properly staged, offer a good location and
they are priced correctly.  We continue
to have a strong buyer base here because of historically low rates, affordable
prices but most of all they are attracted to our area for the jobs.   We have one of the lowest unemployment rates
in the country – people and companies continue to come to our area. 

There should be no Chicken Little sightings in Northern
Virginia when it comes to real estate. 
Agents who are active in the business on a daily basis, finding the
opportunities for both buyers and sellers, attending trainings to educate
themselves so they can educate their clients, and honing their craft are
experiencing their best years ever.  As
is the case in all aspects of life, when you have a positive attitude along
with a can do attitude you are more likely to get the results you are looking
for than not.  Selecting the right
Realtor today is more important now than ever before when you or someone you
know is looking to buy or sell a house.  Be
sure the right choice is made.  Get
it?  Got it?  Good! 

Now, go sell something!

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