Real estate normal?

What is the new normal in real estate:

Today I am going to share with you a few ideas that are going to help you get on to a successful year in 2012 – you will also hear a few ideas from other agents that they have planned to make this their best year ever as well. The important thing to remember is to only adapt 6 of the strategies. If you try to do too many, you will be overwhelmed and not do any. I recommend starting with 6 things you are not doing today and incorporate them into your business. Once you have mastered 6 add another one in until mastered and then add another and so on. In addition, it is important to set strategies for accomplishing what you set out to do and review them regularly. You are in business for yourself but not by yourself so partner with someone in the room and hold each other accountable – meet before or after training, before or after a real estate exchange – make it easy for you but the big thing is to just do it.

When looking at the strategies you are going to put in place, you need to be clear and specific about what you want to accomplish and write them down. Know what roadblocks and obstacles you will need to overcome to achieve what you want to do and then how you will overcome them. What will you need to do to develop the skills and instill the discipline within yourself to make them happen. You will need deadlines, detailed plans of action – 5 or so for each action item, and have them where you can review them regularly. Lastly, think about and visualize your end result and what it will be like when you have accomplished what you have set out to do.

• Be positive – have the right attitude and eliminate complaining from your life • I like the “theme” of the day – will you do it?

• You are going to have to work more focused and be more intentional

• You are going to have to sell yourself passively and aggressively – explain

• Training is going to be paramount – especially in financing – increase your skills by attending seminars, getting a designation, going to REIX, office trainings, you need to be good at what you do to build referrals

• Video is going to be important – Casey Anthony is doing video diaries – video houses, your listings, neighborhoods, how’s the market, etc.

• Networking is going to be critical – find a group, start a group, join a chamber, Rotary club, coach kids in sports, join a PTA, get involved in a charity, become involved in something

• Learning and interpreting market trends – you have to know your numbers such as inventory levels and types of inventory, prices, DOM, people love to hear this

• Stay on top of values by previewing – especially new homes as they will continue to have an impact on the market – this is a great way to start with video. Video your house of the week, your bargain of the week, or whatever you want to call it.

• Read blogs for more information, see what others are saying about the market. You have to know what your competition is up to and what better way to learn than to read about their thoughts

• Start a blog and of course add video. Write about neighborhoods, your listings, interactions with agents, clients, trends, your services, how’s the market?

• Set your personal business standard and stick to it. Write the personal notes, make the phone calls, stop by and visit your past clients or meet new ones and track your daily conversations.

• Hold open houses on the right houses

• Track your business, determine what gives you the best results and do more of it.

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