Walter Bond, Kathy O’Neal…what a great day of speakers!

Walter bond
Today’s speaker at our exclusive business development group
Accelerent was Walter Bond who amazed the crowd with his personality, flair and common business sense to help us “sell” our way out of the recession.  Here are a few of his tips:  strive to be the top in your business – whatever your chosen field may be; connect with people – don’t just communicate; execute the principals of the of your business – be fundamentally sound; differentiate yourself and most importantly be likable!  As we know, people buy from people they know, like and trust.  They know you by branding yourself, they like you because they you “connect”/build rapport with them and the trust you through your knowledge, skill and expertise you display in your business.  Also, to be the best, carve out your niche!

Our Top Producer Panelist in today’s training was Kathy O’NealKathyo

Team of 3 plus Kathy

Unlicensed assistant – visual tours, schedules appointments, client coordinator

Part time IT guy – does videos, website design, blogs

Husband – writes blog, works internet stuff, but they don’t do twitter or Facebook or Linkedin

Kathy – the face of the team

Videos are of testimonials, interview Kathy, buyer process – people know you before you meet them – think about

Incorporate video into your program – financing, seeing properties, writing contracts, settlement, foreclosures, short sales

Now send video emails introducing yourself

Keep up with past clients – know market area – newsletter – client party (cut down Christmas Trees nic– birthday cakes about

Podbeam – podcasts that are hosted by another

Blog a few times a week – interview clients, potential buyers

Thoughts on the market – under $400 is hot – people who would put house on the market don’t know they can sell their house in today’s market – not enough houses for sale – lots of buyers out there – not enough move up buyers – not too many appraisal problems – think prices are coming down, sell now – foreclosures are coming so not sure how this will affect values, we know where it is now – appreciate agents who answer phones

Keys to success – do the basics, good service, keep up with your client base, figure out what you do well and keep doing it, keep up with the market, connect with people, be a real person, look for new trends. 

Here are the numbers!

 Active inventory is down 56% from 2008 with onluy 5,850 active listings on the market. The vacancy rate is holding steady at 28% of the market leaving us with a 1.7 months supply of houses for sale.

The rental market has a 1.9 month supply of rentals on the market with 3,004 properties currently for rent.

Now, go sell something!