Do you have an On Purpose Attitude?

One of the keys to success is to act…On Purpose.  Each of your activities must be intentional and must begin with the end in mind.  If there is no purpose to the activity, don’t do it!  Let’s analyze the On Purpose Attitude.


O – Outgoing, you must have a personality that is outgoing to achieve success.  You need to get out from behind your desk, out of your home office and get in front of people.  Be engaging and attract people through your personality and success will follow.


N – Nurturing, you must nuture the relationships you build through your outgoing personality.  Learn about those you meet, learn about their business, and help them grow their business and you will naturally have success follow you!


P – Proactive, be proactive in your daily activities.  Success won’t come to you – you have to go out and get it!  Areas of proactivity must include prospecting, learning, research and networking.


U – Urgency, develop a sense of urgency in your activities, as well.  John Wooden said, “be quick, but don’t be in a hurry”.  Have a sense of urgency to get things done.  Don’t procrastinate.  Develop to do lists, prioritize, and move on to the next activity.


R – Results, be effective and get results that build one step at a time to a successful life and career.  Determine what your results need to be to get the success you want and set a plan to accomplish what you need.


P – Planning, this is a critical step.  You need to plan your day, week, month and year to give yourself a road map to your success.  Review your plan and make appropriate adjustments as necessary.


O – Organized, you must be organized in all areas of your life to get the results you need.  Have an organized filing system, organized office, organized files, organized presentations, and you will reflect the professionalism that gets you to your desired level of success.


S – Systems, you must incorporate systems you need to follow to get the results you need.  Critical pieces of this puzzle include lead generation systems, follow up systems, processing systems, and other systems you need for your success.


E – Excellence, you must strive for excellence in all that you do.  The areas to consider are excellent customer satisfaction, excellent presentations, excellent communication, excellent work ethic, and excellent daily activities.


If you act On Purpose in all that you do, you will achieve success!  Get it?  Got it?  Good!


Now, go sell something!

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