What have you done for you lately?

Many real estate agents experience the roller coaster ride in their business and their bank accounts as a result.  Why does this occur?  They take their eye off the prospecting ball.  They get too wrapped up in their deals.  They talk to everyone about what is happening in each of their deals and why there are problems, issues or mention what the other agent is doing to them in the transaction.  In today’s market, virtually every transaction is tough because of the other agent, your client, their client, an appraiser, home inspector, pest inspection or whatever the case may be.  Guess what, get over it, put your nose to the grindstone and get busy working to resolve your issue then work on your prospecting.  Spend your time providing excellent customer service to your current clients by being solution oriented then get back to the basics and prospect for new clients to serve and the roller coaster ride will end.

Success is contagious and so is negativity.  Make a concerted effort to be positive and optimistic and resolve people’s issues and success will follow.  We get paid the big bucks to solve problems not talk about them.  Think about your conversations.  If they are repetitive and negative, stop!  Think about the issue and how to fix it.  What are the options?  What are the outcomes of each option?  What is the best solution for your clients?  Lay it on the table, discuss them, decide which is best for them and move on.  It is a good feeling to get results for others.  Also, hearing success stories about helping clients is a better one to tell and gets others motivated to do the same.  Again, success is contagious!

Once you realize that you need to change the way you approach deals gone bad, agents gone bad or clients gone bad and you have now made the decision to stop harping on negative issues and start working on your business, let’s discuss getting back to the basics of staying in front of your clients through notes, calls, pop-bys and other avenues and growing your database. 

As we all know, there are many ways to “touch” your sphere of influence but one of the best ways we have found to give back, grow our database and become involved is through our charitable efforts.  We combine our charitable events with client appreciation events.  As the saying goes, the more you give, the more you get.  Find a charity you have an interest in and see what it takes to get involved then host an event to support the cause.  As you involve yourself in the process, get creative with how you can attract people to attend your event, participate and give so you maximize the results for your charity of choice. 

We have two great events to facilitate our spirit of giving – the in office putt putt tournament, and Breakfast with Santa for Toys for Tots.  It is rewarding, gets you in front of your clients and you get satisfaction out of helping others.  It requires thought, energy, effort and planning but it is worth it in the end. 

Stay positive, focused on excellent service to your clients and get creative with contacting your database to get your business back on track by giving back and the results will follow.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!

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