Make an Impact!

The question arises often.  How do you make an impact in life, on others, or in your business?  There are several components to having an impact on others – be an excellent listener, be charitable with your time, efforts and knowledge, and create inspiration in others to achieve more for themselves.  To impact others, you must lead an intentional life and leave a lasting impression upon them that encourages them to change themselves, positively.  Let’s look at the makeup of the word impact.

Intelligence.  Gain as much information and knowledge in your chosen field as you possibly can.  Read books, newsletters, solicit information from others, attend seminars, trainings, and just get involved.  The more you know, the more you grow and the more you can contribute to others to help others them succeed.  Through gaining intelligence and sharing your knowledge with others are the first steps to having an impact on others.

Motivation and inspiration are key to all aspects of a life worth living.  You must be motivated to achieve more for yourself and push yourself.  Have the desire to want more and the discipline to achieve more so when others see you in action, your determination and results motivate them to want to succeed.  Do the right things and say the right things and you will have an impact.

Positive attitudes are contagious.  Your outlook on each day, what you say and how you say it leave a lasting impression on others so make it positive.  By finding opportunities with challenging situations, communicating the “learning” experience in mistakes, conveying an optimistic outlook on the future, and having an upbeat attitude are ways to share your positive attitude.  Impact others by sharing your smile and positive attitude throughout each day.

Actions speak louder than words.  You must walk the talk.  Be generous, volunteer your time to charities, show up early, stay late and work, and share your experiences with others.  Have a plan, follow the plan, be held accountable to stick with your plan and results will happen.  This is what will impact others.  When you put your money where your mouth is, people will take notice and respond.

Clarity of purpose is critical to your success.  What do you want to do and why?  Seek to understand and be understood.  When you are focused, have direction and purpose in life, the side effect will be having an impact on others.  Know what you want to achieve in life then set out to accomplish it – clarity is critical.

Teach others through what you see, do, and hear.  It helps clarify your purpose.  Communicate what the right thing to do in each situation from what you have learned.  A life spent educating and helping others will leave a lasting impression that will impact them in many ways.

To live a life with purpose, direction, and intention you will automatically impact others, positively. Inspire others to be great, do the right thing, and you will leave a legacy for others to follow.  Right now, it is your responsibility to just do it.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!

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