Don’t miss out on the American Dream!

Why is now the time to pursue the American Dream and buy a house in today’s market?  The reason is because many of the fundamentals of home ownership remain strong in every market – even today!  Let’s review, shall we?

  • Owning a home provides stability in you and/or your family’s life.  You are not subject to having to move on the whim of your landlord and you can start to build “roots” in a neighborhood.
  • You become part of a community hence building upon the theme of pride in ownership.
  • Today’s interest rates are at historic lows making payments extremely affordable.
  • Prices have bottomed out and are on the rebound in many areas – get on board before prices and rates increase again.
  • The home becomes “yours”.  You can paint, re-carpet, renovate, landscape and even more without approval from a landlord and the improvements add value to your home, not someone else’s property.
  • Home ownership is a wealth building strategy – each payment decreases your loan balance increasing your equity in the home – it is a built in savings account!
  • The tax savings and benefits are a huge benefit to your financial bottom line.
  • You choose when to move – not someone else.
  • Home ownership strengthens our economy – each home purchase touches over 20 industries and creates over $60,000 in revenue
  • The housing sector represents nearly 20% of the US’s GDP and helps drive our economy
  • And best of all – it is the American Dream!

As we know, all markets are cyclical and we have been in a down cycle for real estate for over three years now – the market will come back – it always does.  Now is the time to take advantage the opportunity afforded you today – just look at the graph…

                           Now…                                   Later…

Sales Price           $400,000                              $360,000 (assumes 10% drop in prices)

Loan Amt             $320,000                              $288,000

Rate                  4.375%                                  6.125%

P&I                   $1,597.71                             $1,749.92

Save      $152.21 per month by buying now

Save      $18,265 over the next 10 years

If you are a savvy buyer, now is the time to make the move.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!

Now, go buy something!

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