What do you think?

What differentiates highly successful people from others who just get by day to day?  In analyzing the situation, I believe people who take the time to think are the ones who far exceed those in the business and in life who don’t think. 

Let’s discuss the problems with how people think.  They don’t think in depth enough, they have knee jerk reactions and responses to what they have processed, they just repeat information from others, and they don’t future think – what will the eventual end result be and is it what I want?  As a result, they aren’t open to feedback or suggestions and become close minded.  It is so important to think and process information for yourself to become your own person.

Let’s review what type of thinking people should embrace?  Thinking on the fly, strategic thinking, and thinking for yourself.  So, what does it mean to think?   It is to form thoughts, have an opinion on, or comprehend something.  In order to possess this skill, you must take the time to learn, develop a strategy and follow through on your thought or decision.

First, how do you learn to think on the fly?  It starts with reading.  Read books, magazines, blogs, newsletters and articles published on the subject in which you have an interest.  Attend seminars, trainings, and conferences.  Review numbers, research trends, speak with industry experts and ask questions.  Sit down and develop a list of what you believe about what you have read and heard – is it true based upon what you have experienced?  What is similar?  What is different?  What do you “think” about their data and yours?   Have an open mind, take the time to sit and reflect and formulate your own opinion…this is where it starts!  When you take the time to learn, you can quickly and easily think on the fly and respond quickly to situations as well as develop a plan of action for strategic thinking.

Next, how do you begin to think strategically?  Ask, what is the strategy?  First, develop a plan.  What is the purpose?  What is the eventual goal or outcome of what you want to achieve?  Then, make a list of what you need to get to the end result.  Analyze each option you have  written down and then review the analysis.  You must break down each component in your analysis and think, are your conclusions correct?  If the decision or thoughts affect others, what are the repercussions, how will you handle how people perceive your decision or thought process?  Are you getting what you want out of your decision? 

How do you think for yourself?  Ask yourself questions.  What are two or three alternatives to the situation at hand?  What are the outcomes of each scenario?  Which is the best alternative based upon the outcomes?  Develop your own ideas, thoughts or opinions by taking what you have learned from the second paragraph and put what you have learned into your words.  Interpret, paraphrase, develop your own thoughts and communicate them to others clearly and concisely through various avenues.  It is so important develop yourself and not become a “yes” man.  If you can’t develop your own style, give credit you who you get your information from so that others know who is responsible for delivering you your information.

Follow through encompasses announcing what you have learned.   You can write a blog, write a book, become a trusted resource to those who understand and believe in your thoughts.  You must develop accountability for your thoughts and how you communicate them.  Consistently review your thoughts and make adjustments as time requires.  Remember, change is good.

Be original, take the time to think, and make it your own based upon your research – put it in your words and become a thought leader in your own right.  Additionally, rehearse answers to what are commonly asked questions about you, the market, and your business.  The more you incorporate thinking into your daily activities, the more you will succeed.  Get it?  Got it?  Goo

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