Do you over promise and under deliver?

To over promise and under deliver is one of the worst mistakes a sales person can make in business.  You take both your time and the client’s time to a build a relationship through finding out each other’s wants and needs, as well as learn what their expectations are for you and for them.   Agreements and commitments are made based upon satisfying these needs.  Then, the salesperson doesn’t deliver based upon promises that were made.  In the end, when you can’t deliver upon the promise, and you didn’t set the expectation up front, you broke the bond of trust and in turn, hurt your business situation which can take years to recover from financially.

The question I have is why?  Why do people say and commit to delivering results that they cannot produce?  It brings ill will, harms friendships and causes more harm than good.  Your reputation is one of the most valuable assets you have in business – it takes years to develop – why put yourself in the position of having to defend yourself to others or rebuilding your reputation.

My advice is know what you and your business can deliver and by when.  Don’t say yes or we can do that to just get the business.  Return phone calls, emails, and text messages promptly.  If your company changes policy which results in you not being able to perform, notify the client immediately.  If you delegate to others, stay on top of them to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.  Remember, it is your reputation, not theirs at stake.  After the sale, service is critical and will get you more referrals in the end.  Follow up and follow through is what matters most.

Expectations are set through relationship building, proper delegation and being held accountable to get the job done.  This is what you get paid to do, so DO IT.  Live up to your word, do your job and make someone satisfied, not disgruntled and upset that they made the decision to go with you.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!

Now, go sell something and deliver on your promise!

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