Cha, Cha, Cha,Changes….

The real estate market continues to change. Loan programs are changing, rules and regulations in lending are changing, interest rates are changing, prices are changing, activity levels are changing and it takes a professional to help consumers wade through the complexities of the market and give their buyers and sellers the right advice when dealing with real estate. Yes, there are agents who have a license, who can show properties, write contracts, attend inspections and settlement but it takes a professional to explain trends, understand data, and give the right advice to people when buying and selling homes.

The internet has helped the consumer find information on real estate – what is for sale, neighborhood information, school information, crime reports, and if they can dig deep enough, sold data through tax record information. But does this really tell the whole story? Were points or closing costs paid by the seller –if so, how much was paid? What was the property’s condition? Was it a distressed property or not and how did that play into the final sales price? Were there multiple contracts on the property? There is so much more to the story – tell your clients about this information that is not available on the web. The internet provides information – as a professional, you need to provide insight. If you do, you will demonstrate your value and get paid what you are deserved each and every time.

To be able to tell someone now is a good time to buy or sell a home takes market awareness. Where are interest rates today and why? Will they be rising or falling and why? How does this impact the decision on when to buy or sell and why? What is happening with FHA condo approvals and how will it impact both buyers and sellers? Is activity up or down in the market and how will impact pricing? Is activity up or down? How does the agent know? It isn’t knowledge that is power it is the use of knowledge that is power. Use your knowledge to empower people to make the right decisions.

Get involved in the market – preview houses, visit new home sites, network with other leading professionals in our business to get the pulse on the market. Now is the time to make yourself an indispensable asset to your database and create clients for life. Get it? Got it? Good! Now, go sell something!

One thought on “Cha, Cha, Cha,Changes….

  1. Nice insight on what the internet can help homebuying consumers do when in the homebuying mode. But it can’t replace the expertise of professional in the real estate or lending profession

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