Business Planning for 2013: LEAP!

I’m excited that you have taken the big step in your career by investing your time, energy and effort to take your business to the next level.

The important thing to realize is showing up is not enough.  You need to be engaged, focus and have a level of commitment to the plan your come up with this weekend.

In addition, you will need to change.

Change your approach to the business by adding accountability into your schedule.

Change the way you do business – perhaps developing a mobile strategy, online strategy, or including something else new.

Change how you view your business – become a visionary.  Think about what is coming down the road and how you will need adjust your approach to the business.

Most importantly, you will have to take action – not just talk about it.

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As time goes on, you will need to make adjustments.   Just like a pilot, a plane is off 99% of the time while in the air because of turbulence, air stream, storms, etc. you will need to adjust throughout the year as well.  How do you do this?  get a mentor or a coach.  We are hear to help.

You will need to take a leap of faith in your business and your plan.  Try different things – client parties, popbys, coffees, write notes and most importantly, you will need to do it consistently. Join networking groups – get out there and be present while you are with them.  The more things you try, the more likely you are to find something that works for you.  Do it, fix it, try it again.

In addition, consider the law of momentum.   Continually staying in motion will keep you moving towards your goals.  Do something – everyday to move you closer to your goals.  Embrace the self-discipline it will take to make it happen.

We have an agent Kay Woodard who has been getting up at 5:00AM and has been walking 5 miles.  She has been getting up in all types of weather and temperatures to walk regardless of the conditions.  She has done it whether she wants to or not.  This means, you have to do it whether you want to or not to build your self discipline.

If you are taking on a new initiative, take the time to educate yourself on what it will take to be successful in that area.  Meet with others who are successful in this area, read extensively about it, and then do it.

Also, analyze yourself – find out what is your “prime time” and get things done during this time – plan and prioritize around this time of day to get things done.  Top performers pay now so they can play later – low performers do what is fun and easy versus what is hard and necessary.  Commit to yourself today and everyday that you make the sacrifice and not play now and have to pay later.  Get up a little earlier – become the Ninja inside of you to write your gratitudes down, do your affirmations and write those personal notes.

Think and speak positively – be an optimistic force in your own life so you can be a positive force in the lives of others.  Optimism builds enthusiasm within you and gives you energy as well as gives you self esteem.

Lastly, be prepared – for your day, your appointments, your plan of action, and lastly your success so that you can build upon it,  daily.  Now, let’s begin!


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