Staff Sergeant Reminds Us

Yesterday I was at a meeting for Homes for Heroes and I heard a young Marine speak about his life and how it had changed after being injured in Afghanistan.  His name is Staff Sergeant Joey Jones

Here are some notes I took and wanted to share with others – enjoy:

  • Build a life on purpose – decide what you want and go get it…
  • Determine what your personality is and what serves you best for your skills
  • No “one” is better than the whole
  • Make a decision to make a difference in someone’s life
  • Decide – what are you gonna do now
  • You control yourself and your destiny
  • You hold the keys to drive your life – don’t give the keys to anyone else.
  • Work hard
  • Care about others
  • Give back
  • Make it happen
  • What makes you happy?  Figure it out and do it more…
  • How can you be a hero to someone else today
  • Determine your goals and aspirations and achieve them
  • If you do anything – do it right
  • Nothing worth doing is ever easy
  • Be respectful to others at all times
  • Read the book – Lone Survivor
  • Check out the campaign and contribute
  • Take time and practice then make the appropriate adjustments
  • Commit to giving 100% at all times


These are things we have heard in the past at one time or another but it never hurts to be reminded of them to keep you focused.