Why salespeople are successful!

I recently wrote an article about why agents fail and thought I should counter that article and mention why salespeople are successful.  Here are a few tips to help you know why agents are successful:

· They are continuously prospecting.  When at their kids games, or at the grocery store and any place in between, they are adding people to their database to increase their chances of receiving a referral.

· They can communicate their value proposition to those they meet.  They know why they are in the business and how to let people know, in an informative way of why they should buy or sell and use them as their agent.

· They know the market, stats, and trends and can repeat them quickly and easily.  People love to speak about real estate and if you can be the information provider, you will become a trusted advisor to them and receive more leads.

· They know why today is a good time to buy or sell and can state 3 examples of why this is the case.  People need to know the “real” reasons why now is a good time to buy or sell a house that is factually based and personal to their situation.

· They further their education above and beyond the minimum standards of continuing education.  Agents who earn designations and can communicate why the designation is important to the client earn more money than agents who do not earn a designation. 

· They are continuously networking with business people, previous clients and other industry professionals.  They join BNI, chambers, or start networking groups of their own to increase their databases and get more opportunities for referrals.

· They have a plan and work their plan.  If you don’t have a business plan, develop one today!  Your business plan will give you the direction you need to be successful and give you a daily plan of action to accomplish your goals.

· They utilize social media as a tool to market themselves and their listings and services.  It is a fact – social media is here to stay.  It is time to embrace this phenomenon and get online.  Blog, get on Facebook, Linkedin, Plaxo and reach out to your database to let them know you are in the business and you are successful in it.

· They communicate the value of working with a Realtor and subscribe to the code of ethics.  They are professional and show it through their actions and interactions with others.

· They are results and solution oriented and don’t dwell on the negative situations they encounter.  They look for the educational value or learning experience in each opportunity they face.  Failure is approached as learning experience not a negative one.

· And lastly, they have positive attitudes and attack each day with enthusiasm.  Be an example to others in how you approach situations with optimism and passion and results will follow as they do with other successful people.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!

2 thoughts on “Why salespeople are successful!

  1. Scott,
    Excellent depiction of Leadership that we can all learn from. It will be the true leaders who find a way to trek through this economy. Not simply for themselves but for the betterment of those whom they lead.
    Lead On

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