Do you have all your P’s?

The Eight P’s that lead to success and how they can help you achieve more sales. 

Here they are – proactivity, prospecting, practice, preparation, passion, psychology, professionalism, and persistence.

Without a doubt, you need to be proactive.  You cannot wait for things to happen – you must go out and make them happen.  Get into the office a little earlier, and stay at work a little later.  You have to make the calls, do the emails, write the notes, and become involved in networking, plus all the other things to make the business come in for you.

Prospecting is a necessity.  Without consistent outreach to your sphere of influence and database, business won’t just appear.  You need a plan of action and follow that plan to get leads consistently.  Often times, agents get too involved in their business putting out fires, showing properties, handling settlement issues that they forget to prospect and as a result, their business suffers.  There needs to be a set time to develop new business – everyday – if you want to be a success.

Athletes, actors, speakers, and many other professionals practice.  As an agent, you need to practice your dialogues.  Your dialogues include phone call dialogues, listing presentations, buyer presentations, objection handling, your value proposition, and your affirmation dialogues.  It has been said that practice makes perfect but I believe it was John Wooden who said perfect practice makes perfect.  Either way – get your practice in daily.  Get a voice recorder and practice while driving in your car, or with other agents in your office, or at home with family members.  Just do it!

Preparation is also critical.  The consumer is going to the internet to get their information, they talk with friends, family members, and coworkers to get their intelligence.  As we know, other’s opinions are not always correct.  You need to prepared and have your data ready, your numbers spot on, and your trends documented to make a strong case to get your point across to your clients.  With proper preparation your professionalism will shine through and help you attain more business and more referrals.

You need to have passion for what you do.  If you have passion or if you don’t, it shows.  If you don’t have it, you won’t be as engaged, as convincing, as determined as you should be and people will recognize this in the way you work with them.  If you have the passion – you will have more energy and enthusiasm for getting into the office and helping others.  This behavior is evident and people will be attracted to working with you and refer others to do so as well.

The psychological aspect of sales is just as important as all the other pieces of the puzzle.  You have to be positive and upbeat to start with – everyday.  You have to be able to quickly recognize what type of personality style your clients have as well.  Are they analytical, logical, drivers, ambiables or a combination of a few?  It is imperative to know how to speak with people in their “personality” style language.  The quicker you do this, the more sales you will achieve and as a result, more success you will attain.

Professionalism encompasses so many aspects of how to conduct yourself in sales situations.  Punctuality, dress, language, conversations, listening, knowing your business, and respect are just a few.  Take professionalism seriously and your business will prosper.

Lastly, persistence and determination are critical to success.  Many people get caught up in the latest and greatest sales fad, technology or tool and stray from the tried and true relationship building aspects of sales.  Working by referral, adding new people into your database and providing them more value will put you on the pathway to success.

Embrace the Eight P’s and you will enjoy success in sales for years to come.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!

Now, go sell something!

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