Avoid Road Work Ahead!

There are many keys to success and planning and preparation are near the top.  So many times there are instances when I will receive an urgent phone call, text or email from an agent who didn’t plan or prepare for a certain situation.  These situations range from their business is no longer supporting them, to the market is changing and what should they do, to them not having a key to one of the offices where they are meeting a client.  My belief is they do not treat their business as a business.  They get too focused on the day to day activities and don’t work on their business to see the big picture.  Don’t get me wrong, putting your nose to the grindstone and working hard is great but sometimes you need to pick your head up and see where you are going!  You have to see the pot holes in the road, the curveballs that are being thrown at you and change your course or path you are taking to avoid the turbulence.  The question is, how do you do this?

· Have a true business plan – every company on Wall Street has one and so should you too

· Take time each week to review your plan and see if it is on target or not and if not, what needs to be revised to make it work and achieve your goals

· Plan out each day in advance – on paper and prioritize them to have a successful day – it only requires an extra 15 minutes so wake up earlier

· Meet one on one with your broker to see if there are suggestions to improve upon or determine what may need adjustments

· Schedule time for trainings, reading information about the market, and networking with other top agents to learn where the market is headed and how you can take advantage of it – don’t get left behind

· Operate your business like a business and understand the importance of touching all the bases of your business – planning, lead generation, systems and process improvement, and education

· Work your strengths and hire to your weaknesses

· Pay attention to the details so nothing slips through the cracks

· Take the time to get organized – an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure

· Know your company and how it operates – if you don’t know, ask

· If you have several offices, visit them while out on the road and speak with their office manager or yours and determine office protocols, policies and procedures – it will only take 5 minutes but will save you time and embarrassment later

There are many more items or tasks that can help you get successful and stay in the business but you can see it starts with basic planning and preparation and it takes only a little time to do it.  If you get yourself organized, put your plan of action on paper and do it – you will see results.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!

Now, go sell something!

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