A Quick Minute of Motivation

In this motivational series, I’ll highlight how to become a Peak Performer. Today I’d like to ask you a question. What determines your level of success? Is it your goals? I believe it is something else. Learn more in my latest motivation minute message.

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A Quick Minute of Motivation

In this motivational series, I’ll highlight how to become a Peak Performer. In today’s Peak Performer Series message I’d like to ask you a question. What is a goal? A goal can be many things. Do your goals have deadlines? Check out my latest video on the importance of setting deadlines for the goals you have set for 2020.

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A Quick Minute of Motivation

In this motivational series, I’ll highlight how to become a Peak Performer. In today’s Peak Performer Series message I’d like to talk to you about the importance of remembering your W.I.G. No, it’s not what goes on your head. Learn more in my latest message.

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Now go sell something! 

The 5 P’s of Marketing and Real Estate

At RE/MAX Gateway, we strive to add value to our agents so their businesses flourish and grow. We provide various professional development training classes, mentor programs and we make one-to-one coaching available with our highly experienced, top producing management team. In doing so, we help our agents meet or exceed their goals ever year! 5-ps-traditional-marketing

Here is an example of what we do to help agents with their marketing plans, to give them more focus and get better results.

The ‘marketing mix’ is a foundation concept in marketing that consists of the “5 P’s” – Product, Promotion, Price, Place and People.  This is how we relate these fundamentals to real estate marketing:

  1. Product
    1. In real estate, you are your product. What are you doing to improve?
    2. Your properties are another product. How are you gaining knowledge of available properties and areas?
  2. Promotion
    1. How you market yourself.
    2. How you market your properties.
    3. How you interpret the economy to your clients and the marketplace.
  3. Price
    1. What is the value that you bring to your clients and the marketplace?
    2. The fees to your clients, whether buyers or sellers.
    3. How you properly price your product (houses).
  4. Place
    1. Where you sell and market yourself.
    2. Where your business is primarily located.
  5. People
    1. The company you are affiliated with and what that means.
    2. The clientele you wish to serve.
    3. The person you strive to become.

We help our agents use these tangible and intangible “P’s” by incorporating them into their business plans, helping them become top producing agents with balanced lives. Several of our agents have received numerous awards from RE/MAX including the Hall of Fame Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award by incorporating this marketing and mindset into their businesses.

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7 Success Tips for a Mastermind Group

As I was thinking of ways to improve my Platinum Club meetings I came up with this little agenda for myself and thought you could use them in your mastermind or round-table discussions:

  • Have the group discuss one thing that was currently working really well in their business.  What activities are giving them their biggest bang for the buck?
  • Ask about what one thing they need help on,are struggling with, or want to brainstorm on in this session.
  • What oneresource, such as a blog, podcast, service, product that they believed others in the group would appreciate knowing about and they are getting benefit from.
  • Encourage everyone to speak – ask pointed questions about the market, marketing, lead gen, upcoming events, and networking successes plus make sure everyone answers a question but don’t let one person dominate the conversations.  Spread the wealth so to speak.
  • Have agents share disappointments as well so others learn from their mistakes or can help them approach the situation differently to be more successful next time.
  • Group members can also help you to tap into other skill sets and networks. They may be able to fill gaps in your own knowledge, or introduce you to key people in different industries or from different backgrounds.  Have agents meet with top producing agents in the office or from other companies and report back what they learned.  Could also meet with lenders and title people as well – the biggest thing is to get them out in front of people.
  • Also, by meeting regularly and holding one another accountable for achieving their goals, members of our groups can inspire one another to stay on track. Knowing that you have to share your progress in the next meeting can spur you on, so that you don’t let the group down. Have everyone set one goal prior to leaving.  Then in two weeks, ask them how it is going (or remind them of their goal) so they can report back the following month.
  • Finally, you can also lean on one other for support – remind them this is one of the biggest benefits to the group and will help them grow, support of others.

By getting everyone involved in the conversation, they feel included and it helps them to gain confidence in what they are doing.

Get it? Got it? Good!

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Scott MacDonald

RE/MAX Gateway

Real Estate Success: How To Excel In 2015

You either rise to the challenge or you don’t.

HIGH PERFORMANCE success tips from Basketball to Business

Which will you do – rise and excel?

Will you do nothing or the same things you have always done and get what you have always received or get even less?

What will you become if you do act?

You need to make the decision to accept the challenge of achieving your goals. 

You have set them for yourself.  Act accordingly to make them happen.  Put the action items in your calendar, plan each day the night before, have a to do list of high priority activities in place to accomplish your goals and do them.  Get a routine in place and make it a habit.  If you want time, you need to make it – you won’t find it.  Your calendar is gateway to success.

Too often I hear excuses of why something cannot be done.  Stop with the excuses and start making things happen.  It is a choice.  It is easy to do nothing it is hard to make a change, accept the challenge and become better.  You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.

The critical thing you need to realize is you have to start.  Whatever you need to do to take the first step to success and achievement.  Put down the fork, go to the gym, make the call, go to the networking event, hold the open house, blog, do videos, visit with your past clients, just do the activity.  Whatever the goal you want to attain needs to start with “a first step”.  What is your first step?  Why?  What happens if you don’t take it?  More importantly, what happens if you do?  Life is full of choices – make the right ones to get you moving in a positive direction and get you out of your rut.

Important things to remember are to not overestimate the competition and do not underestimate yourself.  You are better than you think.  By doing the activities required for success, you will develop the skills, mental toughness and ability to forge ahead when things get difficult.  By taking action you gain confidence in your abilities, you stretch outside your comfort zone and you learn. 

Will you make mistakes?  Yes. 

Will it be difficult at times?  Yes.

Will it kill you? NO. 

So stop wasting time and move forward and grow from what you have learned.  Go out and make your own luck.

You have set your goals – do what it takes to make them happen.  You wouldn’t have written them out if you didn’t expect them to happen.  Life is changing rapidly, daily and you need to adjust to become better and make your dreams come true.  It is so important to increase your level of commitment so you can overcome the frustrations you have had with your previous results.  Doing nothing to change to improve yourself is actually regressing.  Regression is not an option.  Take the appropriate action required.  Now is the time.  Procrastination is over and 2015 is the time to start to make something more of yourself.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!

Now, go sell something!

Scott MacDonald

RE/MAX Gateway


Get out of your comfort zone!

As you grow and develop it is necessary to experience discomfort. You will need to break out of your comfort zone and create a new comfort zone that will help you expand yourself and your business. In some cases in can be referred to as expanding your box – get out of your box and experience exponential success. Let’s review how this can be broken down into manageable steps:

D – Decide that you need to do more than you are doing to get you more results than you are receiving today. Being satisfied with your results today won’t advance your future. At the same time, getting fewer results than you desire is going to put you further behind. Decide to do more today.

I – Implement the strategies required to make you attain the success you need to grow. It could be building more relationships, making more calls, attending more events, or whatever it takes to get you in front of more people. Relationships are the key to success. Build relationships deeper, make new ones and make them count for you and them!

S – Strategdiscomfort blog picize the what, how and benefits of what your actions will do for you and others. It will be necessary to adapt to the changing environment and make yourself relevant. Technology is rapidly changing all aspects of our lives and you need to make sure your strategy is in alignment with these changes.

C – Create the vision to make it happen. Write down what is necessary for your success, visualize your success in these undertakings and the results it will bring you and others – and they will happen.

O – Ownership of the ideas, thoughts and necessary tasks to get you to where you want to go will enable you to achieve your success. If you don’t buy into the end result, you won’t leave your comfort zone and make it happen.

M – Mastery of stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone through repetition, role playing and rehearsal will make you more comfortable in doing what is necessary to take yourself to the next level. Become a master of what steps you need to take to make it take place for you.

F – Find people who will help push you out of your comfort zone and want to see you become successful. Having others hold you accountable, help you grow and have your best interest at heart is vital to your growth.

O – Opportunities will become available to you as you make yourself expand and grow outside your comfort zone. You will be able to direct your future and take advantage of these opportunities. Luck is preparation meeting opportunity – be ready by experiencing discomfort.

R – Reward yourself for your new found comfort zone. If you don’t take the time to pat yourself on the back with small, medium or large rewards for your efforts, you won’t continue to put forth the effort. Rewarding yourself is a critical piece to keeping you motivated to do more.

T – Track and measure your results so you know how far away or how close you are to your goals and what you need to do to expand yourself to make these dreams a reality. What can be measured can be improved. Tracking what needs to be done for your success is imperative to receive results.

Discomfort allows you to grow and become better in the end and it is necessary for your success in all areas of your life. As the saying goes, if you aren’t growing, you are dying. Step up your efforts, step up your activities, grow outside your comfort zone – with baby steps or by leaps and bounds – and get where you want to go faster and perhaps even further than you expected. Get it? Got it? Good!

Now, go sell something!

Scott MacDonald

RE/MAX Gateway

Gateway’s Year in Review…now on to 2010!

As the Leadership Team at Gateway reflects on the year that was 2009 and to see where we need to go to achieve our goals for 2010, we thought we would share our accomplishments and significant events that shaped 2009 for us as well as let you know what we want to accomplish in 2010.  We also want to share with you, RE/MAX’s Vision of 2010 and show you how we are aligned with their goals which is pretty exciting in my opinion!

RE/MAX Vision:

The number one goal is – Increase market share and associate production through recruiting, retention and franchise sales.  We have on our plate for 2010 to open at least one new office – Brambleton in July.  Additionally, we are looking to expand our operations to take advantage of the extended downturn in the real estate market and grow strategically through partnerships with area industry leaders.  Additionally, Gateway has increased agent count and productivity over the last year which is a testament to your hard work and efforts. 

The number 2 goal is – Overwhelm the competition with strategic Regional advertising to maximize Brand exposure.    We have seen the growth of Social Media and have embraced this form of marketing to communicate our vision to the public as well as our agents.  Additionally, our extensive email marketing campaign has been extremely successful through constant contact.  And lastly, our post card campaigns highlighting the affiliation of new agents has increased our market presence.  We believe our marketing efforts are second to none in the industry…we are always out there! 

The number 3 goal is – To aggressively pursue and complete the fold-in, merger or conversion of quality independent franchises into our existing RE/MAX brokerages.  As you know, our recent acquisition of Signature Real Estate in Culpeper may possibly lead to additional acquisitions in that region for Gateway.  Through contacts with Signature Real Estate, we have the inside track on the merger with 2 small boutique operations in Culpeper that we plan on diligently pursuing.  We are also looking at other opportunities and are happy to discuss any that you are aware of and want to be a part of going forward.

Under the Regional Office Priorities:

Recruit top 25% in each MLS.  Through the use of our subscription of Broker Metrix, we have determined who our target list of prospects is for our offices.  We have had strategic discussions with several agents in the areas near our offices and we are looking to enlist the support of our agents to help acquire these agents and others they are aware familiar with to affiliate with Gateway.  Our plans are to communicate with these agents through our “Get to Know Gateway” events, our Real Estate Exchanges, Social Media outreach and constant contact email campaigns detailing our educational programs, our competitive compensation schedule, RE/MAX initiatives and upcoming Gateway events.  By utilizing this continuous and persistent recruiting plan approach, we are confident we can capture the market share RE/MAX is hoping to attain.  Additionally, the benefit to you is that you get to work with the best and most respected agents in the business who want to help you succeed.

Facilitate networking and retention programs for existing agents.  Through the use of our emails, blog posts, our weekly Friday trainings, monthly Real Estate Exchanges (March of 2010 marks our 5 year anniversary of these events), quarterly meetings with nationally recognized speakers (Paul Muolo is slated for March’s meeting and Amy Crews Cutts, deputy Chief Economist for Freddie Mac is slated for June’s meeting, Stephen Fuller www.cra-gmu.org – his office’s 4th consecutive year – is on our September schedule and we are working on our year end meeting speaker.  This past year we had Doug Duncan, Stephen Fuller and Dave Stephens – under secretary of FHA) along with our awards party, agent appreciation events and annual Christmas party, we believe we have been able to retain our great agents such as yourselves as well as recruit several other top producing agents to our offices through this level of communication.  We want you to feel appreciated for being part of our team and we look forward to you continued participation at these and other events we host for you.

Partner with Broker/Owners to analyze and identify profitability models.  We have conducted thorough and extensive research of the market through an independent marketing firm – Verasolve – to determine the offerings of our competition and to place Gateway at the forefront of our marketplace in terms of education, trainings, and competitive compensation models that lead to profitability.  Through in depth discussions with Gateway’s leadership team, we have come up with a compensation/profitability/accountability plan that works for us as well as our recruits.  We have presented our model to our agents as well as our recruits and the model has allowed us to attract top talent from our competitors.  Also, by providing feedback opportunities to our agents, we have shown our transparency to our agents which has allowed us to maintain higher retention rates.  We are always open to receiving your thoughts on how we can serve you better as our valued agents.

And lastly, Award Franchises.  We couldn’t agree more – we are looking to grow, help us achieve this goal!

Under Brokerage Priorities:

Continue to reduce overhead/increase revenue streams.  As you know, we have closed the Great Falls office and we still have achieved a net gain of 14 agents this year at Gateway.  In addition, we have relocated our Gainesville office to a more visible location in our building with a better floor plan.  Additionally, we have incorporated training centers into both of our Chantilly and Gainesville locations.  We plan on doing the same in Brambleton as well as our future office locations.

Recruit the top 25% producers in your MLS.  Through the use of Broker Metrix, we have determined our ‘Hot List” of prospects that we want to join Gateway.  As such, we have just recently recruited several top producing agents which is great exposure for both Gateway and RE/MAX alike.

Optimize the use of the RE/MAX system in your office.  We have been incorporating the emails from the region into our regular communication with our agents and have utilized recent RE/MAX events such as Demand Success Today to educate our agents on RE/MAX offerings as well as a recruiting tool.  If you are unfamiliar with what RE/MAX has to offer, please attend our next New Agent Orientation to learn more.

Generate a high level of PR in your local community.  Through my recent election to the Board of Directors of NVAR, we have been introduced to Ann Gutkin, the head of Public Relations for our association.  She has connected us with several newspapers who request articles to be written for their respective papers.  Our quick responses to her requests as well as the newspapers have given our agents the ability to get published as experts in real estate.  In addition to this, we have established relationships with newspapers through our charitable contributions – most recently – Breakfast with Santa for our Toys for Tots campaign.  In conjunction with these efforts we get press releases published on a regular basis in business publications such as The Washington Business Journal.  Additionally, we are heavily involved with the Top 5 in Real Estate network and have achieved great PR success with RISMedia as a result of our affiliation.  In addition to this, we have a Director of Social Media which enables us to get maximum exposure, consistently out to the public as well as agents through Social Media outlets such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.  Lastly, our leadership team is also deeply involved in our local associations which results in great exposure to the real estate community.  Brett, Jason and Kate are involved committees.  Additionally, for 2010, Kate is the Chair of the Convention committee as well as Vice Chair of the Education committee – outstanding exposure for Gateway.   Help us, help you get more publicity for you and aid in growing you as an expert in real estate!

And Persistence…our continuous emails, communication and our business plan (which is attached)are evidence of this desire!

Franchise Growth Strategy:

Expansion Franchises:

Existing locations must be in full compliance.  Just so you know, in short, we pay and pay on time consistently and comply with all RE/MAX requests promptly.  We have exceeded our quotas in each of our locations and we attend RE/MAX events locally, nationally, and internationally on a continuous basis.

Under Final Details:

Recruiting Business Plans.   We will be happy to provide you with our recruiting plan of action we have in place if required.  Many aspects have already been discussed in this email as well as the business plan but we can provide you with the specific plan for your review if requested.  We are looking to grow and thrive in any market and would love your input on who can help us be the best.

Quota adjustments – none needed – we are compliant and far exceed the requirements outlined in our franchise agreements.

Business Continuity Planning – provided over a month ago per your request to be compliant with RE/MAX.

Statistics Reporting provided monthly through Lone Wolf with our monthly bill payment to remain compliant with RE/MAX.

Membership Profiles provided as agents affiliate with our office.  Each agent in MRIS and at DPOR with Gateway is also in the RE/MAX system to be compliant with RE/MAX.  Also, all agents are agents – not listed as licensed assistants to be compliant with RE/MAX rules and regulations.

Children’s Miracle Network was at our year end meeting and we have signed up in hopes of becoming a Miracle Office.  We are also extremely involved in other charities and can provide a specific list of continuous involvement with these charities upon your request.  Life with Cancer, Susan G. Komen, Toys for Tots, Leukemia/Lymphoma Society, and many others are on our list.

In addition to the items listed, we plan to embrace the New Events for 2010 proposed by RE/MAX and look forward to participating in these events.  Most notably, the Swing for Success, Broker/Owner Boot Camp, Broker/Owner Retreat 2010 (we have relationships with exceptional speakers that are reasonably priced if you need suggestions), New Agent Orientations (we have one for our agents if you would like to review or implement items from our presentation) and all the others listed in the email.

As you can tell, we are passionate about our franchise as well as the expansion of Gateway and believe that we have presented a compelling case for us to be noted as one of the best franchises in the RE/MAX organization.  Our commitment to our agents, Central Atlantic Region and the RE/MAX brand as a whole is evidenced by our desire to build the best franchise in the network.  We have put together a strong group of agents who are dedicated to each other’s success.  We will continue to grow, evolve as a franchise, and tackle the challenges of the real estate market head on!  We will not remain complacent – this is our commitment to you, our Gateway Agents. 

Below is a brief list of our accomplishments in 2009 and a look ahead into 2010!

Here were just a few of our Charitable contributions this year…

Golf tournament raised $6,400 for YouthQuest Foundation

We fielded a team for the 5th straight year and walked in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

Nearly $2,000 was collected for Life with Cancer

273 toys were collected at our Breakfast with Santa for Toys for Tots – 5 years running!


New Path to Excellence Seminar Series started…

Leadership Seminar

Team Summit

2nd annual Successful Business Planning Retreat


Our Distinguished Speaker series blossomed…

Doug Duncan – Chief Economist for Fannie Mae

Steve Fuller, PHD  – Head of GMU Center for Regional Analysis

Dave Stevens – Under Secretary of FHA

America’s Home Rescue, Michael & Stacey Spickes

In addition to these events we experienced…

16 net new agents

Closed our Great Falls location in a cost savings measure…needed to tighten the belt in 2009

Moved Gainesville to more prominent location on first floor

Incorporated training rooms in all offices as trainings became better attended

Received approval for Brambleton office from RE/MAX – office due to open in July of 2010

Scott was elected to the NVAR Board of Directors

Hired a Director of Social Media

Incorporated Social Media in all aspects of the office: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for all offices

Group designations CDPE and CDRS both for short sales and both were excellent in their own ways!


As far as the calendar of events for 2010 – here you go!

February 11th Get to know Gateway – Logan’s Fair Lakes

March 12th Paul Muolo: Quarterly Company meeting (not confirmed)

March 19th Golf Tournament

April 21st Gateway Awards Night

May 12th Team Summit

June 5th Race for the Cure

June 16th Get to know Gateway – Gueseppi’s in Haymarket

June 18th Quarterly meeting with Amy Crews Cutts

July 17th Company Picnic – Scott’s court

August 4th Leadership Seminar

September 17th Quarterly Meeting

September 22nd Get to know Gateway – TBD Brambleton

October date TBD Flu Clinic

October 22-24th Business Planning Retreat – potentially Kingsmill Resort

November Food Bank Collection due date November 19th

December 3rd Year End Meeting

December 4th Breakfast with Santa for Toys for Tots

December 9th Gateway Christmas Party

As well as all of our other regularly scheduled trainings and Real Estate Exchanges – keep an eye open for your monthly calendar!  You are guaranteed to experience more at RE/MAX Gateway!

Now, go sell something!