A Quick Minute of Motivation

In this motivational series, I’ll highlight how to become a Peak Performer. In today’s Peak Performer Series message I’d like to talk to you about your lead sources. How many sources do you have? Only one or two? Learn more about the importance of having several lead sources in my latest video.

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My 2019 Real Estate Predictions

It’s time for Scott MacDonald’s Annual Top 10 Real Estate Predictions for 2019.

What do you think? Do you agree with these predictions? Do you have any predictions of your own for 2019?

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A Quick Minute of Motivation

In this new motivational series, Scott will highlight how to become a Peak Performer.

In today’s Peak Performer Series message I wanted to ask you a question… are you one of the highest paid people in your industry?  Need help figuring out how to be? Watch my latest message for a great idea on how to make this happen!

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A Quick Minute of Motivation….

In today’s Peak Performer Series message, we continue the discussion about SUCCESS and the role EFFORT plays in your success.  You need to put forth the EFFORT to be SUCCESSFUL and make things happen!  How much effort is needed?  Listen to Scott’s message for more advice…

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7 Tips How To Turn Your Passion Into Success

What is your driving force?  What is your true passion?PASSION

In the search for a meaningful and fulfilling life, it is extremely important to determine what you are passionate about. Too many people go through the motions of life without purpose because they are not pursuing their passion.

Here are my thoughts on passion.

Prioritize what is important to you.

Assess yourself and see if you have the ability to do what you are passionate about.

Skills will be necessary, so develop them continuously.  The better you are at what you love, the more passionate you will be about it.

Seek the people and the knowledge you will need to get better.  Always learn more from those who have been there and read voraciously to be the expert on your passion.  A mentor will get you where you want to go more quickly with fewer hiccups.

Initiate – as Nike says, just do it.  Take action to pursue your passion.  If you delay, you will only be hurting yourself, your success and your happiness.

Optimism, positivity and productivity in your life will ensue when you follow your dreams.  The choice you have every day to be positive or negative is easier to make when you are taking action on your passion.

Never give up – never, ever give up.  There will be obstacles in any endeavor but remember to keep your eye on your prize, you will make great things happen.

If you are looking to improve your life, do more of what you desire, improve by enhancing your skills and learn from others that know what you want to become.  Take action sooner rather than later.

Now, go sell something!

Scott MacDonald

RE/MAX Gateway

More business, more business, more business!

Many people ask in our one on ones what is the best way to
get more business and my answer over the last several years has been consistent
and won’t change – it is to work by referral. 
So, the next question is how do you work and get more results by
referral?  It isn’t rocket science.  You need to be involved in life –get out and
get in front of people.  Develop yourself
as a “people” person. 

The first step is to give more in value than you ever expect
to receive back.  Get to know about the
business the other person is involved in, the charities they embrace, the cause
that most interests them and then ask how you can help through referrals,
participation or in any other way they need help.  By giving yourself without expectations of getting
anything in return will get you further faster in reaching your goals.

Next is to continuously grow your database.  As you get out in front of people and help
them with their areas of interest, you will naturally be introduced to more
people and the more people you serve the more you will get in return. 

So, the next question is how do you grow your database?  The answer is to get in front of people
through associations, coaching kids, get involved in schools, charities, hold
open houses, meet your neighbors, just do whatever it takes to get yourself
into social situations and ask to serve. 
The more visible you are, the opportunities you give yourself to be
perceived as a giver of value, time, resources, and expertise, the more likely
you are to receive business in return.

Above all, it is important to put other’s interests
first.  When you help others with their
challenges, issues or concerns and you are seen as someone who cares, you will
once again, receive business.  It is a
natural instinct for most people to want to give back if you continuously give
of yourself and put others interests ahead of yours.

It is your talents, your education, your desire to better
yourself and most importantly, your attitude that makes you, you.  Always keep in mind you are the biggest asset
you have to give to others.  Therefore,
it is of utmost importance that you become a continuous learner and
teacher.  Seek opportunities to show case
your talents.  Put yourself in the
position of being a resource to others by what and who you know.

Once you put all of these pieces – and a few more – in
place, you must be open to and ready to receive.  Be ready and able to help and give all of
yourself in these endeavors.  It is also
important to remember to be grateful. 
Thank those who give to you, serve them well and more will come.

As previously mentioned, it is not rocket science but these
are the stepping stones to a long and prosperous career.  Get it? 
Got it?  Good!

Now, go sell something!



How disappointing!

It is disappointing to be ranked so low in the consumer’s mind as to how we handle ourselves relative to others in sales.  What I am referencing is most consumers rank Realtors very close to where they rank new and used car sales people.  In the past month or so I have shopped for a car for myself, helped our company vice president and lastly, my mother.  We have looked on used car lots as well as luxury new car lots.  We explained our situations – my lease ends at the end of October, one car broke down, and one car was totaled – basically, we all had an immediate need.  How many have followed up when we told them exactly what we were looking for in our next vehicle and what our situations were  – um – zero.  How many wanted to sell us something we didn’t want – um – all of them except 2 out of about 20.  How many were obnoxious, overbearing, unprofessional, made us feel uncomfortable and made it difficult for us to leave the lot – um – again, all except 2 out of about 20.  As a result of this experience, I asked myself, “why was this case”.  How can Realtors be compared with sales people who exemplified this behavior?  Do we truly have that many untrained, unprofessional agents in our industry? 

Let’s examine what we had done with our shopping experience and how others in our industry can improve if they exemplify the used car sales approach.  In our journey, we had tried to make their job as easy as possible as I don’t like to be sold.  We had partially qualified ourselves for them by telling why we were there, what we were looking for in the next vehicle, how much we wanted to spend, how soon we needed our cars, and that we had our financing lined up.  So, what was the problem?  First, I don’t believe they have been trained in professional sales.  The biggest problem was, they didn’t listen – they were too concerned about making a sale.  Had we not prequalified ourselves, I don’t believe they could have done it for themselves because they weren’t focused on us – only the sale.  They didn’t ask any follow questions like, what kind of cars we had – what we liked about them – what we were looking for in the next car and why – had we looked anywhere else – what did we find there and what did we like or not like.  They were too busy talking and definitely didn’t ask us any questions to build rapport.   The only way they knew what I did was because I gave them my card to follow up with me.  Guess what?  They still didn’t follow up with me – at all. 

As professionals we know the basics of sales which are:  people buy from those they know, like and trust.  If they are so busy talking about what we don’t want to hear, how can this chain of events happen?  The agendas we followed was not ours but theirs – they wanted the sale.  They believe that they had to speak the whole time to be in control when the fact is, those who ask questions are the ones in control. 

Their technique of closing was so far off it was laughable.  We wouldn’t buy from anyone who subscribes to the ABC theory of sales…Always Be Closing.  Don’t close until you know enough about your client so you can help them make the right decision.  Closing is an evolution not a forced approach to sales.

In order to build trust, demonstrate your knowledge of your business.  Listen, clarify, then respond to clients don’t oversell and force yourself on others.  Dress the part, be polite, and communicate effectively.  These skills will result in sales, I assure you.

So the moral of the story is – if you want to attain more sales as well as referrals you need to differentiate yourself from other sales people.  Start by prequalifying effectively, ask lots of questions and then, listen to the answers – don’t tell.  Don’t sell from an empty wallet you are looking to fill, put their needs/agenda ahead of yours, people can sense this immediately.  Build rapport by learning about them and what their needs are.  Have an effective follow up system in place to show your professionalism.  Act, look, and communicate the role of a professional.  Close at the appropriate time in the process – not continuously – it turns people off.  If you follow these little techniques, you will attain the success you desire.  Let’s elevate ourselves from the lower ranks of sales people!  Get it?  Got it?  Good!

Now, go sell something!