A Quick Minute of Motivation

In this motivational series, I’ll highlight how to become a Peak Performer. Today’s question – how committed are you? Learn why I feel this is SO important in my latest Peak Performer Series message. 

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A Quick Minute of Motivation

In this new motivational series, Scott will highlight how to become a Peak Performer.

In today’s Peak Performer Series message, Scott has a reminder for you about COMMITMENT. Are you committed to yourself? Your clients? Your company? Your Business? Your Vendors? IF you are committed to your success you will make it in any area. Learn more in Scott’s quick video.

Need more motivation? Give me a call at 703-652-5777 or email at scottmacdonald@remax.net

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A Quick Minute of Motivation (a day late)

In this new motivational series, Scott will highlight how to become a Peak Performer.

In today’s Peak Performer Series message, I have a very important question for you… Check out my short video to find out what it is…

Need more motivation? Give me a call at 703-652-5777 or email at scottmacdonald@remax.net

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Are you determined?

I was recently at a Wizard’s game and during the warm-ups I was looking around the stadium and noticed there were hardly any fans at the game.  Yes it was a beautiful day outside yet people had paid hundreds of dollars on their tickets and still didn’t go to the game (courtside seats and center 3 sections on each side are sold out for every game).  Earlier in the day I had conversations with a few other season ticket holders who asked why I would go to a game when they were so bad and the team they were playing – the New Jersey Nets – were even worse.   After giving it some thought, the answer came to mind and it was dedication. 

It made me realize it is hard to have dedication when things aren’t going well.  When you have to give it your all when the chips are down or when you have to make a commitment and there are other choices that appear to be more appealing like the weather, the time obligation required and in a lot of cases – short term sacrifice for long term gain.  Truly, it can be difficult to go all in day after day when faced with adversity. 

In business, so many people give up when they are so close to success and it made me realize that they don’t have the dedication required to succeed.  They try one thing then stop, then try the latest fad and don’t get results and move on to something else always looking for the easy way to success and it is never the case – you need dedication for success.

What does it mean to have dedication?  Perseverance, commitment and devotion are characteristics of dedication and are essential elements of success.  The thought process of it is easier to do nothing than to put forth the time, energy and effort to get the results is relevant in today’s market more than ever.  Dedication to your education is critical.  Dedication to the development of your sphere of influence and its growth is necessary.   Dedication to market research to know trends is an essential element for success.  Dedication to your clients is a key area of focus.  Dedication to showing up and putting in the effort is essential. 

Think about this, the winners in life persevere when things look the bleakest and come out on the “other side” stronger, smarter and better equipped to handle the next challenge.  They have made the commitment to grow and learn from their experiences and become better in their chosen field.  As previously mentioned – you see it all the time in sports – many athletes “just mail it in” and many professionals do the same thing when faced with misfortune.  Be devoted to your career.  Be willing to sacrifice the time and resist the temptations of outside elements to get ahead in the business.  Decide if you have the loyalty for the business required to go to work every day and perform at the highest levels and attain success.  If not, you should find something that gives you this type of drive.  If the dedication, commitment, and devotion aren’t there for you in real estate – get out of the business and get into something else where you have the drive to succeed.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!

Joe Theisman…the hightlight of the RE/MAX Broker Conference

Joe What a performance by Joe Theismann – again!  Being a lifelong Washington Redskin fan, I experienced many of Joe’s outstanding performances on the field but at the RE/MAX Broker/Owner meetings in Chicago, he outdid himself with his speaking.  He inspired many of us, surprised many more with his message and his delivery when he spoke about how he overcame a major challenge – a career ending injury – and how we can overcome our challenges in our lives by thinking about the following items.


· Be a part of something unique and special

· Think about what you will do to make a difference

· Who is it all about – the answer is – it isn’t you

· Embrace change

· Have a heart to heart with yourself – what do you believe in

· You can’t be a major success until you realize you can’t do it all by yourself

· Don’t accept failure

· Think, what can I do to help the team

· Who is your team

· Do you want to make a difference

· You have to want more for yourself – what will you give of yourself to get you there

· Reposition your attitude, thoughts, etc

· What do you do with a challenge when it is presented to you

· Have a passion

· Do it with enthusiasm

· Ask yourself, how high is your ladder – why does it have a last wrung

· Why do you believe in you

· Give and accept recognition

· Become an excited student – make it your mission to learn something today you didn’t know yesterday – everyday

· Fear is a motivator – what are you afraid of

· Attitude carries you to attain your goals

· To survive, you have to have written goals and post them.  98% of people don’t have written goals

· How will you know where you are going if it’s not written down and visualized

· Give yourself direction

· Life is filled with educational experiences not failures

· Be committed to having the feeling you can get it done

· Have pride in you, your company, your brand, what you do and why, and lastly be the best you – everyday

· Be reliable, accountable, available, be customer service oriented, have the right goals, the right attitude and be motivated

As I mentioned, he was right on with many of his statements and comments.  So, the questions is, what are you going to do about it?  Review the bullet points above, write you answers down on paper, review them and get started in a positive direction and live a more successful life.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!